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Name Race Levels Description
Abdila bin Asamiol
Alli Goodbush
Aroghin Temple Guard aroghin Aroghin Paragon 3 Elite working soldier tasked with patrols and keeping the peace.
Charity Human Rogue 3 A street girl who turns out to be much more then one first suspects.
Lyroni Roya guromescai guromescai paragon 3 A high spirited, bubbly spellcaster who enjoys swimming and long walks on the beach.
Osborn Highhill Tiefling-Halfing Expert 3 A lovable fellow, who loves his rodent friends.
Rakai Dunesti Paladin 3 A Dunesti paladin of Electren
Rickel Tinderfoot halfling rogue 1/bard 2 Very mischievous hobb— er... halfling.
Squizeep kobold Rogue 3 An amazingly agile but otherwise average rogue prodigy.
Sternius hellbred half-orc Fighter 1 Hellbred Half-Orc Fighter
Zalma Silverfrond wild elf monk 3 Mistress of movement
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