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NPCs without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Race Levels Description
Axeen Illiford Human Monk 10 Living Weapon 10
Colin, Knight of Mechanus Human/Construct Mechanus Knight 20 Leader of the Mechanus Knights, Good division.
Darnoth Minotaur Ftr 14 This character was originally thought up for Steel's 20th level campaign (LA was free up to +3).
Grymm and Lochh Green dragon None Mean-spirited dragon twins who have been forced into servitude by Aleister.
High Incarnator Knight Riddled, Spell Storing, Primordial, Half Ogre, Half Dragon, Incarnate Construct Warforged Incarnator 20 A powerful fleshgrafter, chosen by Primus, God of the Modrons.
Julia Drow Druid 20 found by a human as a baby with a rapier laying next to her. Growing up mostly out doors Julia (named by her adopted mother) after seeing her gifts in magic found the path of the Druid. the first time meeting her own race she was sickened why there ways.
Leinhauss of Aden Human 2 Ftr, 11 Brb, 7 Tideturner The unexpected leader of the Aden territory rebel forces.
Narconas Longblade Human True Samurai 20 A man of average height, with white hair and azure eyes. Garbed in a sterling silver mithril breastplate, gray woolen pants, a lengthy silver cloak and leather boots. All of his equipment shows the wear of countless battles. Strapped across his waist is a thin katana of exceptional length.
Orlanath Willowstrider wood elf ranger 12/horizon walker 8 A far-travelling wanderer.
Rajue High Elf Rogue 10th Assassin 10th A cold emotionless assassin simply known as Rajue.
Sphinggo the Gatekeeper Minotaur Minotaur 6/Barbarian 4/Raging Crasher 8/LA 2 A cruel minotaur who guards a travel pass, those who do not please his cruel humor are pushed into the deep ravine.
Yozan Half-Orc Monk 16/Rogue 4 A monk with a bad attitude.
Zokusho human vampire fighter 6, monk 6 Antagonist of the adventure Zokusho's Sword.

NPCs with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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