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Quintorus, Knight Incarnator the First

CR 20

Lawful Good Huge Giant, Dragon, Construct
Init/Senses +1/Listen -, Spot -
AC 37, touch 21, flat-footed 36
hp 250 (20 HD)
Fort/Ref/Will +22/+10/+20/+12/+60(no fail)
Speed 40 ft
Melee Alchemical Gold Fullblade +22 touch (12d8+14)
Base Atk/Grp +10/+14
Atk Options +2d6 against Evil, Chaotic, +2d6+2 against Evil, Chaotic outsiders
Special Actions 10d6 Fire Breath (DC 33 Ref Half), +10 Reflex, +5/- DR, Flight 2 min/day, Silthilar Swarm
Abilities Str 24, Dex 12, Con 30, Int 36, Wis -, Cha -
SQ Malleable Form, 25% fortification, Construct Type for spells, Improved Grafting, Elemental, Silthilar, Deathless, Dragon and Beholder Metamorphosis.
Feats Power Attack, Oversized Weapon Proficiency, Quicken Spell, Chain Spell, Persistent Spell, Divine Metamagic (Persistent Spell), Divine Metamagic (Chain Spell)
Possessions 40 Gold Fullblades, 20 Ballista, 100 Nightsticks

Other NPC Information

Quintorus was the first Incarnator, stitched together by an aspiring Hexton to serve in the quest to improve the armies of the Modrons. However, soon after his creation, he surpassed his creator - Primus soon noticed his power, and granted him further abilities and the honorary title and powers associated with a Quinton. He now directs the Mechanus Knights with his massive intellect. However, despite his powerful mind, he is also an intimidating combatant, towering over others and using his frightening powers to crush his enemies.

Primus also deemed it necessary to keep this powerful Incarnator in check, and as such allowed the absurd combination of races lead to inability to percieve surroundings. In order to keep Quintorus useable, he "gifted" him with an intelligent +1 Holy, Axiomatic, Chaotic Outsider, Evil Outsider Bane Alchemical Gold Fullblade, named the Demon's Judgement, which acts as his eyes and ears. In addition to normal and listed abilities, the Demon's Judgement can be destroyed at any moment by Primus, and can teleport Quintorus to Primus, and allows use of Primus' Will save instead of Quintorus'.

Quintorus rarely participates in direct combat. Even if he is on the battlefield, he prefers standing back and allowing his buffs take effect. Each round, he throws out a Quickened Chained Animate Weapon, sending out a wave of absurdly large, powerful fighters animated from +1 Evil Outsider, Chaotic Outsider Bane Alchemical Fullblades. If needed, however, he is a formidable opponent, flying into the fray at Huge size and breathing fire, then activating elemental Damage Reduction and bashing away with a Collosal Alchemical Gold Fullblade augmented with a Quickened Wraithstrike each round. Finally, he supports his Mechanus Knight allies with cones of Antimagic Field.

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