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NPCs without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Race Levels Description
Aarod Saemlin
Bagheera mountain lion scout 4/ranger 1/highland stalker 2 A former ranger's companion, who was given a Headband of Intellect, which fundamentally altered him.
Cash Human Bard 9 Chaotic-Good bard masquerading as a CN or CE. Gets himself into oliver-twist-esque situations to avoid the more dire ones. He usually knows more about the situation than he lets on.
Celeste Unicorn Monk 6 A unicorn trained as a monk.
Clemens Kwerath Orc Barbarian 3/Paladin 9 A homosexual Orc, formerly training as a Barbarian now a Paladin of Obad-Hai.
Hannah Tirade middle aged human fighter 9 PLEASE EDIT AND ADD A DESCRIPTION
Harlee Quinn Gnome Hobo 9 A smell fills the air, and there he stands, a small, homeless gnome, holding a small sword in his raised hand, and grinning at you.
Hasimba tiefling aristocrat 3/sorcerer 6 Ambassador in service to the Empire of Dervaland.
Kuwara the Blade Human Kensei 9 Kensei seeking abandoned ruins
Maldoth Graaben Orc Gravity Warrior 9 A large scarred Orc with a two handed ax bellowing in rage.
Malira Elf Ranger 2, Monk 4, Psionic Fist 3 PLEASE EDIT AND ADD A DESCRIPTION
Mothers Three
Ohtello high elf ranger 6/justiciar 3 Sheriff of Cairn.
Old Squint gnome bard 9 Proprietor of the Thieves Guild Store.
Raka Vashohk
Rakabarr and Urabarr Ogre Fighter 5/Fighter 3 A pair of fiendish ogre brothers who work as infernal smiths.
Yōgo-sha Human Sandbender Devoted defender of the desert temple of Karura

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