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Magic Staffs

Name Marketprice Weight CL Aura School
Apprentice's Staff 31,500 gp 4 lb. 8th Moderate; (DC 19) Varied
Caduceus 150,750gp 6 lb. 15th Strong; (DC 21) Transmutation
Chill Staff 58,000 gp 5 lb. 16th Strong; (DC 21) Evocation
Rainbow Staff 29,000 gp 5 lb. 10th Strong; (DC 21) Evocation/Illusion
Runestaff of Curing 4 12 Strong Evocation
Runestaff of Healing 4 lbs 12 Strong Evocation
Staff of Electricity 30,000 gp 5 lb. 11th Strong; (DC 21) Evocation
Staff of Impetus 19th Strong Necromancy
Staff of Orbs 84,000 gp 5 lb. 8th Moderate; (DC 20) Conjuration
Staff of Orbs, Lesser 19,500 gp 5 lb. 8th Moderate; (DC 19) Conjuration
Staff of the Elder's Might 40,000 gp 5 lb. 10th Moderate; (DC 19) Transmutation
Staff of the Fast Mage 36,000 gp 5 lb. 10th Moderate; (DC 19) Transmutation
Staff of the Firebolt 10,500 gp 5 lb. 8th Moderate; (DC 19) Evocation

Incomplete Magic Staffs

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