Staff of Orbs, Lesser (3.5e Equipment)

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Staff of Orbs, Lesser: This hard wood staff has a small glass ball with a rainbow pattern placed on it, on one side. Made as a easy way to cast the lesser orb spells. This staff allows the use of the following spells:

  • Lesser Orb of Acid* (1 Charge)
  • Lesser Orb of Cold* (1 Charge)
  • Lesser Orb of Electricity* (1 Charge)
  • Lesser Orb of Fire* (1 Charge)
  • Lesser Orb of Sound* (1 Charge)

*See Spell Compendium for these spells.

Moderate; (DC 19) Conjuration ;CL 8th; Craft Staff, Lesser Orb of Acid, Lesser Orb of Cold, Lesser Orb of Electricity, Lesser Orb of Fire, Lesser Orb of Sound; Cost 9,750gp, 780 XP, 20 Days; Activation: Standard; Weight: 5 lb. lb.; Market Price: 19,500 gp

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