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Staff of the Elder's Might: This wooden staff was made by an old wizard that wanted to feel as though he had not aged as much as he did, and to also improve his mental abilities. Thus he found some good solid wood for strength, jade to have the toughness of the earth, and copper to think like lightning. He then put a bundle of eagle and owl feathers on a rope full of cat hairs and went to put them into his staff. When he was done he had a wooden staff with a cap of copper, a feather tassel, as well as a line of copper on one side. Thus was his staff made. He never really got to use it as a dragon came and plundered the place where he lived but by using his notes many other wizards have made their own, if not better, staves. This staff allows the use of the following spells:

Moderate; (DC 19) Transmutation ;CL 10th; Craft Staff, Bull’s Strength, Cat's Grace, Bear's Endurance, Eagle’s Splendor, Fox’s Cunning, Owl’s Wisdom; Cost 20,000gp, 1600 XP, 40 Days; Activation: Standard; Weight: 5 lb. lb.; Market Price: 40,000 gp

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