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Fiend Feats are a concept introduced in the Tome of Fiends. They are feats made for customizing fiends, and can be taken by any evil outsider, Tiefling from the Keran Setting or creature that has the Product of Infernal Dalliance feat.

Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Breath Weapon You have a magical breath weapon.

Carrier You are a carrier of a dangerous disease, though you are immune to its effects.

Constricting Fiend Your legs merge into a long tail, and you gain the ability to squeeze the life from your foes.

Devour the Soul As a fiend, you gain nourishment from devouring souls.

Elemental Aura Your close relationship with primal elemental forces has manifested in a damaging aura.

Essence Gourmand 3e Prerequisite Feat::Devour the Soul (3.5e Feat) Even among soul-eating fiends, you are a accomplished eater.

Evil Eye "Go ahead. Try it. I dare you."

Extra Arms You have more arms than normal.

Fiendish Invisibility You cannot be seen

From the Abyss You're familiar with the lower planes, very familiar.

Harmless Form You can assume the likeness of a mortal.

Huge Size Your size increases to Huge.

Large Size Your size increases to Large.

Pincers Two of your hands are converted into pincers.

Poison Sacs One of your natural weapons is envenomed.

Slime Trail Your body secretes a slick mucus that dries quickly in contact with air, but you've learned to use this to your advantage.

Spines of Fury Spines cover your body, and you may fire these spine at your enemies.

Sting of the Scorpion You have a stinger that carries lethal poison.

Stolen Breath <!-A short summary of the feat->

Stoning Gaze You turn people you view into stone.

Supernatural Virulence Your poison is as much magical as it is biological.

Wings of Evil You have sinister bat-like wings growing from your back.
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