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Fiends with Class

Advancing and creating Fiends is a major hassle in the basic D&D rules. We are intent upon changing things so that is no longer true.

Base Classes

What follows are four base classes. The Summoner is a magician class available to any player character race, while the other three are intended only for Fiendish use and are of primary utility to construct and advance Fiends for use as villains and cohorts.

Prestige Classes

For something that has received so much ink, the world of fiend related prestige classes is remarkably non-functional. Fiendish Cultists, Dark Summoners, and Fiend-blooded Sorcerers are classic D&D fodder. But unfortunately, the previously published classes for these archetypes are generally... not good. And that makes us sad. Here are some classes designed to fill those perceived holes.

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