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From the Abyss [Abyssal Heritor, Fiend]

You're familiar with the lower planes, very familiar.
Prerequisite: Evil Outsider
Benefit: You've resided in the deepest pits of hell, and thought nothing special of it. Your mind is a horror show of death, and mutilation. The things you do to people are the stories that people tell in hushed tones around fires at night. Your actions lay on the lips of every cowering peasant.

Your natural inclination to destruction and mutilation gives you a +1 bonus on all intimidate checks.

The things that you have seen in your long years of evil deeds have rendered you immune to fear effects, and affects which alter your state of mind.

Once per day, you may (at the beginning of a combat encounter) /emerge/ From the Abyss. Starting an encounter like this, automatically forces all enemies to make an intimidate check. You get a +3 to your intimidate skill for this single check, (Plus any other bonuses you get to your intimidate skill, including the +1). If the enemy fails the check, they are Shaken for 1d8 rounds.

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