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Yo! The name's EpicBoss99. Welcome to my page!! I joined this wiki on November 5th, 2017, and since then it's been nothing but fun! Creative writing is my passion, and it's so fun to have a community to share and collaborate with. As soon as I found out about this wiki and the amazing Homebrew creations that people have made, I had to join in on the fun!

I first learned how to play D&D 5th Edition in early October 2017. This was the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons that I was introduced to, and I learned how to play Pathfinder in January 2018. My favorite official race is the aarakocra, and I primarily focus on making classes, equipment, armor, weapons, and other creations to support the aarakocra and other avian races that I have created!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to begin a new conversation on this page's discussion page! I'll be happy to talk to you! :)

Currently Playing[edit]

Level 8 Rito Aviator (Marksman) in a Homebrew setting

Level 1 Human Ornithologist in a Homebrew setting

Level 3 Aarakocra Paladin (Oath of Redemption) in a Homebrew setting

Level 2 Aarakocra Cleric (Life Domain) in a Homebrew setting

To-Do List[edit]

Homebrew Creations[edit]

This is the stuff that I've created. I believe that there's always room for improvement, so feel free to express your opinions on my creations in their discussion pages! :)


Aarakocra II - My version of my favorite D&D playable race! :)

Aarakocra (Pathfinder) - Just in case I ever play Pathfinder... ;)

Avilus - Small birb that flies super fast.

Decidueye - My favorite Pokémon as a D&D playable race!!!

Minotaur (Variant) - Made for a good friend in real life. Also good practice using the Musicus Meter! :D

Rito - My version of my favorite race from the Legend of Zelda series! (Also made while playing Breath of the Wild ;) )

Slate - Humanoid creatures that are super good at acting. As an actor myself, I got this idea while rehearsing for a show! :)

Inkling - Wanted to make this because I just recent got Splatoon 2! :D

Classes & Subclasses:[edit]

Aviator - Flying around at the speed of sound.

Falconer - Like Druid but with birds. :)

Ornithologist - I am mad scientist. It's so coooooooool.

Score Maniac - Really big numbers!!

Air Domain (Cleric Subclass) - Fly around on your own pair of wings as you use divine winds against your foes!


Air Acrobat - Like an entertainer but with flying and aerial stunts.


Talonsbane - Footwear for the aarakocra, making their talons even more powerful!

Staff of the Redeemer - A weapon designed specifically for the Oath of Redemption Paladin subclass. :)

Great Eagle Bow - Revali's bow is now in D&D 5e!!

Swallow Bow - Can't make a Rito variant without making their weapons!

Feathered Edge - More Rito weapons are always nice!

Feathered Spear - Easily my favorite spear in Breath of the Wild!

Paladin's Gauntlets - For the paladins that like to punch stuff. :)


Armor of the Feathered Wing - Ever wanted to fly while wearing heavy armor? Now you can!

Kite Shield - My first shield on D&D Wiki!

Snowquill Armor - By far my favorite armor in BOTW!!


Pendant of Syranita - A special artifact that the aarakocra hold dear to them (My first homebrew creation!!)

Ring of the Lycanthrope - A ring that lets you become the ultimate lycanthrope, or rid yourself of the curse forever.

Aviator's Goggles - Goggles designed to protect your eyes while flying!

Bracer of Inseparable Bonds - The bond between man and bird cannot be broken.

Air Capsule - Used to refuel my Extreme Gear vehicle! :D

Feather Mask - A fun cursed mask inspired by Magierpichu's Dragon Mask!

Decidium Z - Hooray!! Z-Moves in D&D! :D

Ornithology Kit - Birb scientist starter pack. :3

Binoculars - Miniature telescopes for the eyes.


Extreme Gear - A Vehicle from my favorite Sonic game: Sonic Riders!!! :)


Primal Fighter - Unarmed Strike support without making Monk OP. :)

Adept Aviator - Flying has never been so beneficial!

Fantastic Role-Player - And scene.


Bluebird - Birds with really good singing voices.

Werepasserine - There aren't enough bird lycanthropes. This fixes that problem. :)

Golden Eagle - Yay! More birds!! :D

Peregrine Falcon - Because I'm in a campaign that requires a CR 1/4 companion and there wasn't a bird of prey with that CR yet. :3


Wild Winds - Big tornados that catapult winged creatures through the air at high-speeds.

Variant Rules:[edit]

Wind Damage - This rule makes things WAY more understandable when it comes to air-based attacks. We got fire damage, so why not wind damage?

Homebrew Contributions[edit]

These items are created by other users that I've significantly contributed to in some way. I gotta give credit to the great work that they've done!

Musicus Expansion - Created by ConcealedLight

Falconer (5e Background) - Created by Finwell

Azalith Plectrum (5e Equipment) - Created by user without Username

Ring of Meta Gaming (5e Equipment) - Created by user without Username

Scarf Of The Vermilion Bird (5e Equipment) - Created by Zerkerleo

Yo-Yo (5e Equipment) - Created by Koby Riley

Heavy Weapons Master (5e Feat) - Created by user without Username

Practiced Spell (5e Feat) - Created by user without Username

Ranger, Variant (5e Class) - Created by Tubal-Cain

Aven (5e Race) - Created by user without Username

Crocadilian (5e Race) - Created by user without Username

Mobian, Variant (5e Race) - Created by Timotheus

Sobruaro (5e Race) - Created by Varkarrus

Spirit Bird (5e Spell) - Created by user without Username

Aerostrike (5e Spell) - Created by Biosnatcher147

Froststrike (5e Spell) - Created by Biosnatcher147

Homebrew Favorites[edit]

These are some of my favorite creations that other users have made. I didn't contribute to any of these, but these are some of the creations that I've liked the most made by others.

Falco? (5e Optimized Character Build) - I'm totally using this in a campaign one day.

Mystical Archer (5e Feat) - This is beautiful.

Astute Mind (5e Feat) - I really really like this feat. I think I might playtest it soon.. >:)

Wereowl (5e Creature) - Yay! Bird Lycanthropes are cool! :D

Innkeeper (5e Background) - I feel like this background would be REALLY fun to play.

Mechanised Arm Crossbow (5e Equipment) - One of the coolest weapons I've ever seen on D&D Wiki!!

Eagle Bow (5e Equipment) - I might use this with my Falconer class! :D

Coyouin (5e Race) - Friendly shark race! I like it! :D

Risen Animal (5e Race) - I like this race a lot. Getting some The Little Mermaid vibes from it though! XD

Solar Knight (5e Class) - Praise the sun!!

Wind Blade (5e Class) - A VERY cool wind swordsman class. Reminds me of Yasuo from League of Legends. :)

Shapeshifter (5e Class) - Another class that looks very fun to play.

Folk Deity (5e Class) - Playing as a deity in D&D sounds really really fun!!

Phantom Thief (5e Class) - A Gentleman Vigilante!! VERY fun!

Bulwark (5e Class) - I really like the defensive play style that this class offers!!

Anchor Howl (5e Spell) - This would be an AWESOME spell for someone who has a ton of AC!!

Air Slash (5e Spell) - Any time I play any sort of spell-caster, I will always take this cantrip! :D

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