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Yo! The name's EpicBoss99. I literally just started playing D&D 5e in early October 2017, and I gotta say it's one of the most entertaining games I've ever played! As soon as I found out about this wiki and the amazing Homebrew creations that people have made, I had to join in on the fun! My favorite race is the aarakocra, and I'm really enjoying making various classes, equipment, and other creations to benefit such a fun race to play!

Currently Playing[edit]

Aarakocra Life Domain Cleric (Level 2) in a Homebrew Campaign (First D&D Game Ever!!! :D)

Homebrew Creations[edit]

This is the stuff that I've created. However, there's always room for improvement! :)

Pendant of Syranita (5e Equipment)

Primal Fighter (5e Feat)

Adept Aviator (5e Feat)

Wild Winds (5e Hazard)

Aarakocra II (5e Race Variant)

Aviator (5e Class)

Score Maniac (5e Class)

Falconer (5e Class)

Ring of the Lycanthrope (5e Equipment)

Aviator's Goggles (5e Equipment)

Bracer of Inseparable Bonds (5e Equipment)

Bluebird (5e Creature)

Werepasserine (5e Creature)

Air Acrobat (5e Background)

Homebrew Contributions[edit]

These items are created by other users that I've contributed to in some way. I gotta give credit to the great work that they've done!

Master Falconer (5e Background) - Created by Finwell

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