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A halfling woman waits on a hilltop, watching the skies until she sees the dark silhouette of her raven companion. The bird lands on her arm, bearing an item in its beak. It is the distinctive wedding band of a noble's wife, who had been kidnapped by bandits days ago. The halfling asks how many opponents she can expect to see. The bird squawks thrice. The halfling asks if there are traps. The bird nods its head. The halfling asks her bird to guide her in the direction of the kidnapped noble, with specific detail on the location of traps.

An elf lies in wait with her crossbow at the ready. Her sharp eyes see far past the normal range of those who have not trained themselves. Ahead, her falcon has flown to point out to her what objects may provide an impediment to her shot. Though there is fog, it is no problem for either of them. What provides an obstacle for others is only a cloak for herself and her feathery friend. She has seen her quarry. With a pull of her trigger, the bolt flies forth, piercing straight through her target's thin, metal armor.

A tiefling man battles valiantly against the corrupt lawmen of a town. His daggers fly furiously, but he is outnumbered, three against one. Suddenly, a hawk swoops from above, right past the first officer's face. His throat is cut, and his heart is gouged by the tiefling's daggers. The second officer raises his sword to attack, only to have it snatched from his grip by the hawk's talons, before the tiefling cuts him down. The third officer tries to run, only for the hawk to swoop in and scratch out his eyes. The bird returns to the tiefling's arm, who tells the blind officer to return to his superior and tell him that this is what happens to lawmen who abuse their authority and power.

Falconers excel at the art of falconry, using birds of prey to hunt down their enemies and protect their allies. Their connection and dedication to the creatures of the sky is impossibly strong, and it is almost impossible to separate a Falconer from their bird companion.

Creating a Falconer[edit]

Players who want to use the Falconer class must first answer a vital question. When and how did they obtain their bird companion? After years of training, were they ceremoniously given their companion by their mentor? Was there a lost falcon in the woods and you nurtured it back to health? There absolutely has to be a connection between your character and your bird companion.

Quick Build

You can make a Falconer quickly by following these suggestions. First, Dexterity should be your highest ability score, followed by Wisdom. Second, choose the Hermit background. For equipment, choose the heavy crossbow for your crossbow weapon, then choose padded armor for your armor and the explorer's pack for your equipment pack.

A Falconer on close watch atop a cliff. Source

Class Features

As a Falconer you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Falconer level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 1d8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Falconer level after 1st


Armor: Light armor, medium armor
Weapons: Simple weapons, crossbows
Tools: Falconry Kit
Saving Throws: Dexterity, Wisdom
Skills: Animal Handling, Perception, and choose 1 from Acrobatics, Survival, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

Table: The Falconer

Level Proficiency
Features Scouting Radius
1st +2 Avian Companionship, Avian Empathy 500 ft.
2nd +2 Avian Strike 500 ft.
3rd +2 Falconer Specialty 500 ft.
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement 500 ft.
5th +3 Avian Delivery 1 mi.
6th +3 Avian Awareness 1 mi.
7th +3 Falconer Specialty Feature 1 mi.
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement 1 mi.
9th +4 Avian Strike (2) 1 mi.
10th +4 Quoth the Raven, Avian Delivery (2) 1 mi.
11th +4 Early Warning 1 mi.
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 1 mi.
13th +5 Falconer Specialty Feature 1 mi.
14th +5 Avian Strike (3) 2 mi.
15th +5 Thieving Magpie 2 mi.
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 2 mi.
17th +6 Flighty Foes 2 mi.
18th +6 Falconer Specialty Feature 3 mi.
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 3 mi.
20th +6 Avian Symbiosis 3 mi.

Avian Companionship[edit]

At the 1st level, you gain a bird companion that travels with you. You can either start the campaign with your bird companion, or capture it with the Falconry Kit when the campaign begins. You may choose between an eagle, hawk, owl, raven, vulture, or bluebird. The stats and features of your bird companion are dependent on their species, as noted by the Monster Manual. If you choose a raven as your bird companion, it cannot use its Mimicry feature until the 10th level. If you choose a bluebird as your bird companion, the Charmed condition from the Melodic Tune feature applies to both you and your bird companion.

Upon becoming your companion, your bird companion's Maximum Hit Points increase by your Dexterity modifier at the 1st level plus 4 if the bird you choose is Small, 6 if the bird you choose is Tiny, and 2 if the bird you choose is Medium. Its maximum hit points increase by 1d6 each time you gain a level. At the 1st level, your bird companion also gains +2 AC. During combat, you and your bird companion are treated as the same character, occupying the same space and sharing the same actions. However, you and your bird companion do not share speed, and hostile creatures can still choose to target your bird companion for attacks or harmful spells.

If your bird companion dies, you can use the Falconry Kit to capture a new bird companion of any species described above. Since your new bird companion isn't as trustworthy and familiar with you as your old bird companion, it must spend 12 continuous hours in your presence before you can use any features regarding your bird companion again. Once you do, however, your new bird companion can gain the benefits of any Falconer-related items, such as the Bracer of Inseparable Bonds, and its ability scores and AC change to match your old bird companion's.

As a Falconer, you are also able to send your bird companion on a scouting mission in a circular range away from you. The furthest away your bird companion can be from you is determined by your Scouting Radius. Depending on where it's sent during its scouting mission, your bird companion may find treasures, secret passages, enemy positions, or any other useful information for your party. How well the bird is able to find anything depends on the levels of visibility or any other factors that would affect vision or hearing (i.e. light levels, canopy cover, foliage, cloaking spells, weather).

Avian Empathy[edit]

At the 1st level, you have the ability to understand the message and intentions of what your bird is conveying to you. You do not understand the exact specifics of what it is saying, however. In addition, other feathered creatures recognize the care that you give to your bird companion. Any avian creature or creatures that have feathers (as decided by your DM) are friendly towards you and will not attack you or your party unless provoked.

Avian Strike[edit]

At the 2nd level, you and your bird companion have learned to coordinate attacks. As a bonus action, you may send your bird companion to attack a creature within 75 feet of you for 1d4 slashing damage on a successful hit. The damage and range from this feature increases to 1d8 slashing damage within 125 feet at the 9th level, and to 1d12 slashing damage within 175 feet at the 14th level. Attack rolls for this feature are calculated with your ability scores instead of the bird companion's. After attempting an attack, your bird companion returns to its original location it was at before the Avian Strike feature was used. Your bird companion does not provoke opportunity attacks when it returns to its original location after using this feature.

Falconer Specialty[edit]

At the 3rd level, you must choose which specialty you will use to train your bird. Choose either the Hawkeye or Talon Specialty, both detailed at the end of the class description. The specialty you choose grants you features at the 3rd level and again at the 7th, 13th, and 18th levels.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. In addition, your bird companion's AC and one of its ability scores of your choice increases by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score belonging to you or your bird companion above 20 using this feature.

Avian Delivery[edit]

At the 5th level, your feathered friend gains more trust in you and your decisions. You or any willing creature you choose can give an item to your bird companion to deliver to you or another creature within your Scouting Radius. You can also choose to have your bird companion drop an item given to it anywhere within your Scouting Radius. Items given to your bird companion must be light enough for it to carry. At the 10th level, you can also choose to give it a brief (2-3 sentences) spoken message instead of an item.

Avian Awareness[edit]

At the 6th level, you have gained a more profound connection to your beloved bird. You are constantly aware of its position while it is within half of your Scouting Radius.

Quoth the Raven[edit]

At the 10th level, you have trained your bird to a point that it can better enunciate its messages and intentions. It can now speak certain phrases and short sentences as well as mimic certain noises to let you know slightly more specific details of what it has found on its scouting missions.

Early Warning[edit]

At the 11th level, you have trained your bird companion to be on a constant vigil to alert you and your allies to nearby threats. Any hidden creature within 20 feet of you that isn't a part of your party must make a Stealth ability check or your bird is alerted to their presence and will screech loudly. You can also choose to have your bird fly directly above the creature's location and follow them until they leave your Scouting Radius.

Thieving Magpie[edit]

At the 15th level, if your bird companion is on a scouting mission or in combat and is within 50 feet of a creature, you can use a bonus action to have your bird companion make a Sleight of Hand (Beak?) check to steal a small item from that creature that it can carry back to you. The item it takes must be light enough for it to carry.

Flighty Foes[edit]

At the 17th level, you understand your bird companion so well that you have strong knowledge of the physics of flight. You gain proficiency in fighting flying opponents. You also gain advantage on Dexterity and Strength saving throws against any opponent that is flying in the air or using flight speed.

Avian Symbiosis[edit]

At the 20th level, you are now perfectly in tune with your bird companion, as if you were the same being. You constantly know your bird companion's exact location, regardless of its current heath, how far away it is from you, or any magical effects that may be used on you or your bird companion. You understand every specific piece of information it tells you from its scouting missions. In addition, your bird companion's ability scores, AC, and Maximum Hit Points increase to match yours at the exact moment you reached the 20th level. However, your bird companion's Intelligence ability score remains the same.

Falconer Specialties[edit]

Hawkeye Specialty[edit]

For the falconer who prefers long range combat. Your skill with a crossbow has been honed to the point that you can easily pick off targets from afar before they even know what is happening.

Long Shot

At the 3rd level, you have practiced perfecting long range shots with your crossbow. The range of your hand crossbow is now 130/220, and your heavy crossbow is up to 200/600. You may also use your bird companion to help guide your strike, by pointing out foliage and other factors that may interfere with your shot.

Avian Ambush

At the 7th level, your bird has been trained to seek out multiple opponents, even those that are behind cover. During your turn, you can use a bonus action to send your bird to mark up to 3 creatures at a range up to your ranged weapon's normal attack range. As long as you can see the marked opponents, you can use one attack action to attack every marked target with a crossbow. You can use the attacking portion of this feature up to 3 times, afterwards you cannot use this feature again until you complete a long or short rest.

Strike the Heart

At the 13th level, your crossbow bolts have been sharpened to pierce thin layers of armor and cover. Enemies behind 1/2 inch of wooden cover, and enemies wearing 1/4 inch of metal armor take half damage of the normal crossbow attack.

Eagle Eye

At the 18th level, yours and your bird's vision has been sharpened to its fullest potential. You may now clearly see through any non-magical visual interruption. Crossbow bolts also pass through any visual interruption to hit a target that both you and your bird companion see.

Talon Specialty[edit]

The way of the blade and bird are your forte. Utilizing perfect focus with your weapon and your feathery friend, you are able to cut through swaths of enemies who come your way.

Extra Attack

At the 3rd level, you can attack twice with a melee weapon instead of once per attack action. This does not count for your bird, who can still only attack once per bonus action.

Feather Fluster

At the 7th level, you may use a bonus action to send your bird companion to distract a creature from attacking. The distracted creature must make a Wisdom saving throw or roll with disadvantage on their next attack.

Snatching Strike

At the 13th level, when you are within 5 feet of a creature and you attack with a melee weapon, you may use a bonus action to send your bird companion to disarm them of their weapon (provided the enemy is holding a weapon). The targeted enemy must make a Dexterity saving throw or have their weapon taken away by your bird companion. You can also choose to have your bird companion bring the stolen weapon back to you, allowing you to use the stolen weapon yourself.

Aim for the Eye

At the 18th level, when you use the Avian Strike feature to attack a creature, you can choose to also have that creature make a Constitution saving throw or become blinded for a number of turns equal to half of your Dexterity modifier, rounded up. This saving throw is separate from Avian Strike's attack and damage roll. You can use this feature up to 3 times, afterwards you cannot use this feature again until you complete a long or short rest. A use of this feature is used up only when a creature fails the Constitution saving throw.



To qualify for multiclassing into the Falconer class, you must meet these prerequisites: Dex 14, Wis 12


When you multiclass into the Falconer class, you gain the following proficiencies: Crossbows, Medium Armor

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