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I'm a student in the UK that joined D&D Wiki in August 2017 to get better at being a DM, something I believe I've accomplished. Most my stuff is to do with balancing races atm and I try to be active in my role of making the site better, as per my creation of a new site logo and my current work on creation of the image that will serve as the sites background.

At the moment I'm trying to figure out a background for the site, working through a list of incomplete/overpowered items and try to fix the amount of incomplete Elemental manipulator type classes by creating a completed singular class that does what each of these classes is essentially trying to create.

Currently Playing:[edit]

DM'ing a homebrew setting for a bunch of greenies.

Playing a level 17 Tempest Cleric in a homebrew setting.

Playing a level 5 Eldarin Pact of the Chain Warlock in the Forgotten Realms.

Playing a level 2 Immortal Mystic in a custom setting. UA Mystic3.

Current Projects:[edit]

Element_Bender_(5e_Class) - Final Features, image referencing.

Archcleric_(5e_Class_Prestige) - Foundation Building, image referencing.

Berserker_(5e_Class) - Saved this class from getting deleted. Just need to finish level 20 feature and do damage calculation. Waiting on Mara's keen eyes.




  • Lost - Marked for Deletion 11/11

Things I've got my eye on:[edit]







My Holy Bible

Races Engineered[edit]

Angels_(5e_Race) - Cast revivify, minor celestials

Alraune_(5e_Race) - Cast resurrection, flowering plant people

Amanel_(5e_Race) - Cast lesser restoration, fighting race of not elves

Avariel_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, winged elves - scalable wings based on proficiency may make this stronger

Drakyn_(5e_Race) - Cast resurrection, half full-dragon and half humaniod

Clugs_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, two headed humaniods with four arms

Dryt_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, plant people that try to be everything

Myconid_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, mushroom people that needed a buff

Embodied_Mouther_(5e_Race) - Cast revivify, gibbering mouther the race

Earth_Giant_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, Huge race that can't be huge for race standard reasons NEEDS AN IMAGE

Faerie_Elf_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, fairy elves

Exceed_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, winged cats that my sister used to read about

Faunus_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, crystal based forest people

Homunculus_Variant_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, homunculus

Mobile_Water_Weird_(5e_Race) - Cast revivify, water weirds in a suit

Rakshasa_(5e_Race) - Cast revivify, twist on the mm rakshasa with ties to its original inspiration

Classes Crafted:[edit]


Feats Achieved[edit]

Horde_Breaker_(5e_Feat) - Cast healing word

Equipment Forged:[edit]


Hate_Bolt_(5e_Equipment) - Varkarrus wrote that beautiful bit of writing.

Sunlight_Rose_(5e_Equipment) - Cast healing word


Spiritus_(5e_Equipment) - WIP


Shining_Discus_(5e_Equipment) - Reworked this for User:Buengerman

Custom Spellbook:[edit]

Requiem_(5e_Spell) - WIP

Rules Layered:[edit]


User:GamerAim/Spheres - Working on a balancing system for spells that will also allow for spell crafting.


Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
Here's a totally on-time not-rushed barnstar to thank you for the new logo and for forgiving me for my thoughtlessness! You rock :D --GamerAim Chatmod.png (talk) 16:07, 24 October 2017 (MDT)
File:D&D_Wiki_Logo_-_final_image.png - Designing and creating the current D&D Wiki Logo ^^

Things I've Worked on:[edit]

Gear_Salior_(5e_Class) - Cast mass healing word

Circle_of_the_Wildlife_(5e_Archetype) - Cast healing word

Flame Armor (5e Spell) - Cast healing word

Futakuchi_Hito_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word

Lich_(5e_Class) - Cast mass healing word

Feyling_(5e_Race) - Cast lesser restoration, halfling + elf

"See you later space cowboy"

ConcealedLight (talk) 00:00, 23 August 2017 (MDT)

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