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I'm a student in the UK that joined D&D Wiki in August 2017 to get better at being a DM, something I believe I've accomplished. Most my stuff is to do with balancing races atm and I try to be active in my role of making the site better, as per my creation of a new site logo and my current work on the creation of the image that will serve as the site's background.

At the moment I'm trying to figure out a background for the site, working through a list of incomplete/overpowered items and try to fix the amount of incomplete Elemental manipulator type classes by creating a completed singular class that does what each of these classes is essentially trying to create as well as some other little side projects.

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Currently Playing:[edit]

  • DM'ing a homebrew setting for a bunch of greenies.
  • Playing a level 5 Eldarin Pact of the Chain Warlock in the Forgotten Realms.
  • Playing a level 4 Revised Ranger Monster Hunter in a custom setting.

Current Projects:[edit]

  • Cleaning this up: 5e Races(Location:Fa)
  • Concepts:
  1. Race: Scales with proficiency, starts with not much and then gets stronger the higher your prof is.
  2. Race: Float, Telepathy, INT, etc. Maybe merge with the race above.
  3. Varient Rule: Fey Curse. Celestial's Damnation.
  • 5e_Quests - Add some quests from your Throwables Document.

Musicus Pages: Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline). Musicus_Meter_(5e_Guideline)/List_of_Races_by_Musicus_Score. Category:Musicus.

Geodude's Needs Balance Hell[edit]

All clear for now.

Things I've got my eye on:[edit]

Races Engineered[edit]

Ruler (5e Race)

FA:Alraune (5e Race)

Demigod (5e Race)


Earth_Giant_(5e_Race) - FA nominee

Embodied_Mouther_(5e_Race) - FA nominee

Geoncides Done: 40

Endangered Species Saved: 25

Angels_(5e_Race) - Cast revivify, minor celestials

Amanel_(5e_Race) - Cast lesser restoration, fighting race of not elves

Avariel_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, winged elves - scalable wings based on proficiency may make this stronger

Drakyn_(5e_Race) - Cast resurrection, half full-dragon and half humaniod

Dryt_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, plant people that try to be everything

Myconid_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, mushroom people that needed a buff

Faerie_Elf_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, fairy elves

Exceed_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, winged cats that my sister used to read about

Faunus_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, crystal based forest people

Homunculus_Variant_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, homunculus

Mobile_Water_Weird_(5e_Race) - Cast revivify, water weirds in a suit

Rakshasa_(5e_Race) - Cast revivify, twist on the mm rakshasa with ties to its original inspiration

Ratmen_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, humanoid rats

Wendigo_(Variant)_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, cannibals

Revenant_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, revenge undead

Runeterra:_Ionian_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, league stuff

Ryujin_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, asian dragonborn

Skeleton_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, doot doot

Treant_(5e_Race) - Cast revivify, tree people

Android_(5e_Race) - Cast lesser restoration, andriods based on race that crafted them

Beholdertouched_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, beholders + humanoids

FA:Anuran_(5e_Race) - Cast greater restoration, tiny/small frog people

FA:Animated_Armor_(5e_Race) - Cast greater restoration, walking talking armor - Needs More Work

Fey_Mice_(5e_Race) - Cast lesser restoration, Ori!!!

FA:Celtic_Born_(5e_Race) - Cast greater restoration, celtics

Classes Crafted:[edit]

Angelic Warrior (5e Class)


Way of the Boxer (5e Subclass)



Unspecialized_(5e_Class) - "You were born from me, crippled and broken, lacking in flavour like your kin. I cannot bear to look at you any longer my son and so I cast you to the wolves in hopes you may one day ascend from the great abyss of the abandoned classes, through the labyrinth of needsbalance templates and finally vanquish the last template so you may sit alongside your brothers and sisters as a completed page."
~ConcealedLight (talk) 09:22, 18 December 2017 (MST)

Feats Achieved[edit]

Hyperalert (5e Feat)

Spirits Broken: 6

Spirits Saved: 8

Horde_Breaker_(5e_Feat) - Cast cure wounds

Farming_Mastery_(5e_Feat) - Cast cure wounds

Master_of_a_Thousand_Cuts_(5e_Feat) - Cast cure wounds

Equipment Forged:[edit]

Ultra Greatsword (5e Equipment)

Hate Bolt (5e Equipment) - Varkarrus wrote that beautiful bit of writing.

Sunlight Rose (5e Equipment) - Cast healing word

GreatScythe (5e Equipment)

Spiritus (5e Equipment) - Only needs the lore element

Lloth's Glaive (5e Equipment)

Shining Discus (5e Equipment) - Reworked this for User:Buengerman


Custom Spellbook:[edit]

Flesh to Bees (5e Spell)

Begone Thot, Variant (5e Spell)

Redirection (5e Spell)

The Bestiary[edit]

Commerce Cat (5e Creature)

Rules Lawyered:[edit]

Additional Status Conditions (5e Variant Rule)

User:GamerAim/Spheres - Working on a balancing system for spells that will also allow for spell crafting. WIP.

5e Race Design Guide

Epic Boons[edit]

Boons Granted: 64

Boons Obliviated: 5


Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
Here's a totally on-time not-rushed barnstar to thank you for the new logo and for forgiving me for my thoughtlessness! You rock :D --GamerAim Chatmod.png (talk) 16:07, 24 October 2017 (MDT)
File:D&D Wiki Logo - final image.png - Designing and creating the current D&D Wiki Logo ^^

Musicus Meter (5e Guideline) - Worked with GamerAim and James Musicus to transcribe this to the wiki.

Going through every single 5th edition epic boon.

User:SgtLion has requested I note myself down as being "cool".

One of the races I was the primary contributor for succeeded in its Featured Article Nomination: Alraune (5e Race)

Things I've Helped with:[edit]

Gear_Salior_(5e_Class) - Cast mass healing word

Circle_of_the_Wildlife_(5e_Archetype) - Cast healing word

Flame Armor (5e Spell) - Cast healing word

Lich_(5e_Class) - Cast mass healing word

Anthrolupe_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, wolf people that arn't werewolves

Angel_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, the other angels needed fixing

Aphrodian_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, sexist mermaids

Apeling_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, humanites twin brother

Aquaebant_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, crab/octopus/fish people

Aquarion_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, not sea elves

Faunus_(RWBY)_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, half-furry's the race based on the Red vs Blue peoples !anime

Feyling_(5e_Race) - Cast lesser restoration, halfling + elf

Beast-Borne_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, beast + humans

Xernvis_(5e_Race) - Cast cure wounds, special eye power humans

Aarakocra_II_(5e_Race_Variant) - Cast healing word

Arachne_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, !driders

Arborens_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, generic plant people

Argile_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, golems

Arsenasite_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, !umber hulks

Avali_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, fast rotents from the future

Avion_(Half-Harpy)_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, half-harpys

Baketako_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, octopus head humans

Barbed_Devil_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, spiky devils

Bearon_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, that bear from that one greentext

Birali_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, !tabaxi

Blaad'_Os_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, octopus humanoids

Black_Eyes_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, edgy demon elves

Black_Rider_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, wraiths from LoTR

Bladebound_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, reverse orcs

Bladeling_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, a concept that could of been cooler

Blood_Angel_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, teilfing + fallen angel

Blessed_Automaton_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, divine warforged

Bloodraven_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, flying blood bird people

Bleeko_(5e_Race) - Cast healing word, weird light people

A whole bunch of other races that I got tired of adding after I got to C in the 5e race homebrew section...

See you later space cowboy

--ConcealedLight (talk) 00:00, 23 August 2017 (MDT)

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