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Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Zerka 8 gp(half for Kreen) 1d6 piercing 3 lb. Thrown, Special (range 40/160)

The zerka is a javelin-like weapon of the kreen. It has a broader piercing head with tines facing backwards, and a rope or strip of leather attached to the shaft that allows it to be thrown further than a javelin. The head is usually made of dasl, an amber-like crystal made from a mixture of kreen venom and sand.

  • Special:The rope allows for farther throws and to retrive the Zerka and the unique piercing head allows for the weapon to stick in your target causing more damage. If the weapon hits a target with flesh of size large or smaller the backwards facing tines will become stuck in the target grappling them. If the target succeeds on its save to escape the grapple or you use a bonus action to pull the Zerka free the target takes 1d8 damage. On your next turn you must use a bonus action to ready the weapon for another throw.

Venom and Crystal

The production of Dasl is a well guarded secret among the kreen and is a very special to them. So special in fact that they almost view it as part of themselves and will not often part with it or weapons made of it. The making of dasl is done by chewing on common sappy plants and mixing their venom with the chewed plant juice, then spiting it onto sand. However this paralysis the kreens venom glands any time they chew it and dose not allow them to use there venomous bite, after a long rest the kreen regain it's use. The dasl mixture stays soft for about a day and can be shaped by the maker till it hardens. Due to dasl's composition it must be made into smaller pieces then bound together with more wet dasl, this still gives a seamless and smooth look but takes time. The time a dasl weapon takes to make is the weapons weight times 5. For example a Zerka weights 3 lb times 5, this weapon will take 15 days to make. Dasl properties dose not allow for it to make longer weapons like swords or wider/thinner structures like armor, if it was ever made like this it would shatter the first time used. Dasl is best used for short thicker blades like wide daggers, gythka heads, axe blades, arrow and spear heads, and morning star spikes. I have changed some things to work better in 5e and general campaigns. If you would like more info I obtained my source material from this book it is 2e so may things are updated but the lore is sound and good. https://dnd.rem.uz/Advanced%20D%26D%20(unsorted)/Accessory%20-%20DS%20-%20Thri-Kreen%20of%20Athas.pdf

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