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Habitat Entrance[edit]

The habitat entrance has two levels. The team enters the lower lobby, which has a straight flight of stairs (and access ramp) to the upper lobby to the east. To the south of the lower lobby is a technician's office. The lower lobby also has several holographic bulletin boards. One merely states "Please Stand By." The other has a motivational image of UAC staff in front of a (shiny, clean) refinery: "Titan. Powering The Future."

Again, there is only dim emergency lighting (decide if you are using your torches), and debris strewn everywhere.

You can't quite see the upper lobby from here, except for dim flickering lighting. You hear muffled moaning and shuffling.

Command (Habitat Entrance to the east)

Williams. Williams, seeing nothing medical here, walks to the flight of stairs on the left side, his boots crunching over the debris, with his chainsaw gripped tightly in his hands. As soon as the rest of Bravo is nearby, he will head up the flight of stairs very cautiously.

Stafford. Stafford heads with him, pistol at the ready in case of an alien attack.

DM. The upper lobby has couch seating around the edges, some vending machines, and bulletin boards. More nukage barrels have been dragged up here. At the far side, two upward staircases flank an upper court on raised concrete; and two service lifts on either side of those. The balcony has a short concrete wall with a railing. The marines have passed through the area many times before. It's usually an area to stop and chat, or sit and have a drink. On the upper court is a scale model of the station, from here you can just see the chimneys and aerials. Everything is smashed to shit. Bodies are slumped on the couches. A few former-humans shuffle about.

On the court, looking down at the lobby, is a towering marine in the red combat armor of a ranking officer. His bony, frowning face has black eyes set buried in their sockets. This is Lieutenant Mahagaon, your CO.

If you were being careful and not using your torches, you can make stealth checks if you wish.

(Is Mahagon facing us or not?)

Stafford (We can see his eyes, so probrably.) Stafford is going to attempt stealth: Roll: 15 + 2 = 17.

Flynn. Flynn tries to duck behind whatever's handy. d20 18 + 3 = 21 Roll, Roll for proficiency 13 Roll

DM. Tactical map is thumbnailed to the right there. Remember to click on it again to get it full size.

  • Williams in Purple
  • Flynn in Blue
  • Stafford in Black
  • Two glass tables with chairs either side.
  • The green cuboids are general debris (difficult terrain)
  • You count four ex-UAC staff with improvised melee weapons shuffling about.
  • The black square to the right is the model of the station; Mahagaon is stood next to it. He is facing you, but looking down at the center of the lobby.
  • Lighting is dim.
  • The height of the court is 8 to 10 feet. The wall is smooth concrete with glass screens.
  • You can position yourself anywhere you like in the lower lobby. The stairs are shallow, the bottom lip of the open windows separating the upper and lower lobby are about 6 feet high (so climbable). With those stealth checks, none of the hostiles have noticed you.

Mahagaon seems to be alternating between softly crying and singing the marine corp hymn.

(Do the lower windows count as cover for firing onto the zombies above?)

From the far left you can just see the tops of their heads, so they have three-quarters cover. If you are further in, they will be obscured from view.

Williams. Williams heads up to the top of the flight of stairs and drinks one can of F-Max. Once there, he takes a ready action to move towards the nearest zombie once any of them make an aggressive action. --Green Dragon (talk) 10:12, 10 June 2017 (UTC)

Flynn. Flynn ducks near the base of the stairs, Ready to attack any hostile that gets too close with his pistol.

Stafford. Stafford ascends the stairs while trying to stay hidden, ready to shoot any zombie that closes in on Williams.

DM. (I forgot to mention that the entrance to the habitat proper is an archway to the far right (between the two jutting-out bits).)

The other marines spread out you.

When Williams quietly reaches the top of the stairs, you almost jump out of your skins as Athena blurts out over the PA: "Good Afternoon. Welcome to the Habitat. The Redshift bar and grill is currently serving food and drink. At 3 pm, executive officer Harald Hastomice will be hosting a seminar in the theater, Saturn: Crown Jewel of the Solar System, Our Role In Shaping The "...the message cuts off abruptly. The ex-UAC staff and the lieutenant are now looking around, red eyes glinting.

(Mohagaon Perception, darkvision, 19 + 0). I'll need a stealth check from Williams!

Williams. Stealth 1d20, 1 + 3 = 4 Fail.

DM. Mahagaon looks down into the dim light of the lower lobby. "I hear you" he calls out. His voice is recognizable, but quavering, like he's speaking through an electric fan. "Fireteam Bravo. Welcome back." He hoists his weapon up and rests it on the court's railing. It's the squad chaingun. "We had some trouble. But it's okay now. Why don't y'all come up here and sound off. We'll get you some R&R."

Williams. Initiative, 1d20, 12 + 3 = 15. "Mahagaon, we rested and we are not yet zombies. Come, and try your worst from Team Alpha. I still think of when you where still like us."

Flynn. Initiative d20 10 + 3 = 13 Roll

Stafford. Initiative d20 18 + 2 = 20

DM. Combat order is Stafford, Williams, Flynn, Ex-UAC staff (11), Monowi (7), Mohagaon (5), Ordos (5), Hallstat (5)

Reminder: The ex-lieutenant heard you but currently cannot see you.

Mahagaon starts laughing: "Zombies! Zombies! How little you know! I am the way into the city of woe!" He is still laughing as the barrels on the chaingun spin up.

Stafford Stafford tries to sneak behind the south glass table (does that count as cover?), before firing a shot at Mahagon with his pistol with the aim of leading him to believe the marines are all over there. d20, 10 + 4 = 14

DM It's cover, but not concealment. The pistol shot thuds into the wall of the court. (Williams next)

(Okay, we'll move on to Flynn then)

Flynn. Flynn ascends the stairs and prepares to Dodge any incoming fire.

Williams. Williams moves 30 feet towards the nearest zombie, and fires his shotgun. 1d20, 18 + 5 = 23. Hit. 3d8 + 3; 4,4,8,+3 = 19. For 19 points of damage. How close are the remaining opponents?

DM. Williams jumps onto some boxes and onto the glass table to the north to bring an ex-UAC staffer into point blank range. The blast takes a chunk out of the woman's ribcage, and she drops.

A crowbar-armed ex-UAC staffer flanks Stafford and takes a clumsy swing (5 + 4 = 9, miss.). The two at the top of each flight of stairs descend. The one heading towards Williams is 30 feet away.

With no orders, Monowi, Ordos and Hallstat remain at the base of the lower lobby stairs, guarding the rear.

The chaingun has finish spinning up, and the ex-lieutenant unleashes a hail of bullets (across an area that covers Flynn and the barrel of nukage). The barrel erupts in a ball of fire!

(Flynn must make two Dexterity saving throws; a DC 15 save against the chaingun bullets, and another DC 15 save against the exploding barrel. You had advantage because you dodged.

Stafford must make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw against the exploding barrel. The red square on the map shows where the explosion is.)

Roll: 19 + 2 = 21 Stafford dives across the table, avoiding the main blast.

Flynn. Dexterity saving throw against exploding barrel d20 20 + 3 = 23 Roll, Dexterity saving throw against chaingun fire d20 18 + 3 = 21 Roll. Flynn avoids the worst of the explosion and the chaingun fire.

(After Stafford makes the saving throw, it will be the start of round 2, and he can take his turn straight away.)

Stafford (I did, the 19 + 2 thing) Stafford climbs over to the other side of the table and makes a shotgun attack at point blank range against the zombie that flanked him Roll: 6 + 4 = 10.

Williams. Williams runs towards the nearest zombie, slinging his shotgun over his back, with his chainsaw at the ready. 1d20; 19 + 5 = 24; 3d4 + 2; 3, 4, 3 + 2 (reroll 1d4; 3) = 15. Williams slams into the zombie with his chainsaw flying through the corpse for 15 points of damage.

Flynn. Flynn moves closer to the zombie descending the lower stairs and attacks with his shotgun. d20 20 + 5 = 25 Roll

DM. (Note 1:If you've switched to a different weapon and taken an action in the same turn, you've dropped the previous weapon. Stafford's pistol and William's shotgun are on the floor now, but I will assume you pick them up if you win the battle.; Note 2: I wasn't clear if Stafford was moving to the east side of the table, taking an oppportunity attack, or moving to the south side staying at 5 ft. distance, so I've gone with the former.)

Flynn moves close enough for a point-blank attack, and deals 14 piercing damage. The "zombie", one of the canteen waitresses armed with a pizza slice, slumps over a pile of refuse.

The crowbar-armed ex-UAC staffer swings at Stafford as he climbs over the table (opportunity attack, 13 + 4 = 17; hit for 1+2 = 3 bludgeoning damage). He then leaps onto the table in pursuit, giggling and drooling. (6 + 4 = 10, a miss).

From the lower lobby, Monowi still doesn't have orders, so moves up the stairs and fires her shotgun at that "zombie", exposed on the table. (11 + 2 = 13) The buckshot thuds into security armor.

The lieutenant has been continuously firing at Stafford and Flynn with the chain gun, please can you both make another DC 15 Dexterity saving throw.

(map update)

Flynn. d20 14 + 3 = 17 Roll. Flynn avoids the worst of the chaingun fire.

Stafford. d20 14 + 2 = 16 Stafford also avoids the salvo.

DM. Ordos and Hallstat move closer to the lower stairs, following Monowis lead. (They take ready actions)

Round 3!

(How far away is the lieutenant from Williams now?)

Your actual path (up the stairs then across the court) is 65 feet. You can draw line-of-sight without cover interference at the top of the stairs (30 ft). As-the-crow-flies, you are 15 ft. from the lieutenant, but the court is elevated by about 10 feet.

Stafford, Williams, Flynn can take their turns (any order you like).

Williams. Williams moves 30 feet up the stairs towards the lieutenant, drawing his pistol and firing at her. 1d20, 20 + 5 = 25; 2d6 + 3; 4, 4 + 3 = 11. For 11 points of damage.

Stafford. Stafford runs around the zombie (therefore not provoking an opportunity attack) so it's between him and Mahagon before proceeding to fire his shotgun at it again at point-blank range. Roll: 12 + 4 = 16 If that kills it, Stafford will take cover behind the table again.

If you're firing at a range of 5 ft., you also have disadvantage on the roll.
Roll (disadvantage): 10 + 4 = 14
BAM, 18 piercing damage, the shot removes both of the guy's hands as he lifts them to strike, and he staggers around laughing for a moment before slipping off the table with a gurgle.

Flynn. Flynn ascends the stairs, making sure to keep as much of the wall as possible between Mahagon and himself.

DM.As Williams and Flynn reach the top of the stairs, they see lurking in the darkness of the habitat entrance archway to the east two of your fellow marines! Or at least, at first glance, as they are wearing marine armor... but you can't identify who they might be, as their faces are smooth and fleshy, with exposed teeth and orange pin-dot eyes. They both give nasty growls as they see you.

(They are between Stafford and Williams in the initiative order, so I will have them act now)

Both marines level their shotguns at him and fire.

  • The one closest (19 + 3 vs. AC 14 + 2 (cover)). The buckshot slams into his leg, dealing 9 piercing damage.
  • The one further away (7 + 3 vs. AC 14 + 2)) misses, blowing chunks out of the court wall.

Monowi moves further in and fires her shotgun at Mahagaon but misses. (10 + 4 vs AC 16 + 5). Over the headset she yells "Flynn, what are your orders!?!"

Mahagoan fires a quick burst back at her, (natural 1) which she barely needs to dodge.

Ordos and Hallstat move up to the top of the stairs, keeping low. (Map updated)

Round 4

(Stafford, go)

Stafford Stafford takes the Dash action, moving up the stairs past Flynn but still covering behind the wall.

(DM insert!) The ex-marines shuffle a little further in and fire at Angus and Williams.

  • (7 + 3 vs. AC 14 + 2); misses Williams
  • (20... crit!); a shotgun blast penetrates Stafford's armour, dealing 15 piercing damage!

Flynn. "We've spotted some more zombies up here, but I believe Mahagaon is the more immediate threat. The sooner we can stop that chaingun-toting maniac, the better." Flynn moves up the stairs and prepares to shoot the lower zombie with his shotgun. d20 15 + 5 = 20 Roll

Stafford "Affirmative. Is there a medic here..?"

DM Flynn needs to move past Angus to get a clear shot: he's right on the corner of the court wall, which is about 2 feet high at the top of the stairs. He crouches to take cover and shoots. It's a solid hit. (Give me a damage roll, then it's William's turn. Will update map.)

(3d8 6 + 6 + 7 + 3 = 22 Roll)

Williams. Williams takes another shot at Mahagaon, and picks up his chainsaw from where he dropped it. 1d20, 8 + 5 = 13. But he just hits some of the boxes around the lieutenant.

DM. Monowi fires again upwards at Mahagaon (6 + 4 = 10) but the shot misses and shatters a motivational poster on the court wall.

Mahagaon's piercing red eyes notice Hallstat and Ordos arrive at the top of the lower stairs and peppers the entrance with bullets. (Hallstat save 2 + 2 = 4; Ordos save 15 + 2 = 17). Hallstat catches a round (15 damage), and drops with a cry, tumbling down the stairs!

Ordos moves further in, watching his spacing withing Monowi, and fires up (14 + 4 = 18, vs 16 + 5 cover), clipping the top of the court wall.

Round 5!

(Stafford, go!)

(How far is Mahagaon from Williams now, and is there difficult terrian between them?)

If Williams hops over the court wall, it's 20 ft. There's no difficult terrain. You can see a double-barrelled shotgun between you and him on the court floor, be careful not to trip on it. Williams takes his turn after the ex-marines. (Now I take a moment to track his weapons. In round 2 he dropped the shotgun to draw and attack with the chainsaw. In round 3 he dropped the chainsaw to draw and attack with the pistol. In round 4, he attacked with the pistol then dropped it to pick up the chainsaw. I take it in round 5, he will be moving forth to attack the lieutenant with the chainsaw...)

Stafford Stafford moves past Flynn and fires his shotgun at the closer marine-demon. Roll: 16 + 4 = 20 Whether that hits or misses, Stafford then retreats down the stairs and reloads his shotgun as a bonus action.

DM. The blast pirouettes the ex-marine, who then falls over splurting blood over the floor. The other ex-marine makes an "Uck! Uck!" sound, and fires again at Williams at point-blank range. (15 + 3 vs. AC 14 + 2). The degrading armor fails to protect, and he takes 13 piercing damage.

(Williams's turn now...)

Williams. Williams jumps over the short wall, and sprints over the shotgun to the lieutenant to attack with his chainsaw. 1d20; 1 + 5 = 6 He runs into Mahagaon before his chainsaw is correctly held.

(OOh dear. Flynn next)

Flynn. Flynn moves to grapple Mahagaon (or if he's too far away, he grapples the other ex-marine). d20 11 + 5 = 16 Roll


(I don't want to tell you how to play your character, but I think you've forgotten about Flynn's fire control feature, might be useful?)
The lieutenant is just out of movement reach, so Flynn goes to grab the nearest ex-marine. (Opposed roll is 17 + 2 = 19). The ex-marine rebuffs him with the butt of his shotgun.

Monowi fires up again at the ex-lieutenant. (4 + 4.... miss). "Flynn! Hallstat is down and Mahagoan is dug in! I think we should fall back!"

Mahagoan moves away from Williams, to the edge of the court, behind the scale model, where the court wall is lower.

(Opportunity attack from Williams, I'll do it for the sake of speed. 11 + 5 =17, hit! Damage = 1+1+4+2 + chained damage 4+1 = 13 slashing damage!) The whirring chain cuts a gouge out of the demonic marine's arm.

"You won't stop me! Who overcomes by force, hath overcome but half his foe!" he yells at Williams, and fires the chaingun. (17 + 3 = 20)... 10 piercing damage. Williams is down!

Ordos sees Mahagoan move to the edge of the court, and moves in close to get a clear shot. (12 + 4 = 16). The shotgun blast punches a hole through the thin abdomen plate, dealing 14 piercing damage (and -1 AC). "We can take him, let's take him!"

(Hallstat, death saving throw = 8)

Round 6

Flynn sees something potato-sized fly out from the habitat entrance and land behind the ex-marine he's tussling with. Just in time, he focuses on it and sees it's a grenade. Both Flynn and the ex-marine turn and crouch, shielding themselves from the explosion. Bits of fragmentation stick in their armour, but they are unscathed.

(Okay, Stafford, Go!)

Stafford. Stafford takes the Dash action and sprints over to Williams and uses his bonus action to apply a stimpack to him, restoring 8 hit points to Williams. If he can reach him without taking the Dash action, he takes the Dodge action instead.

Make me a DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check to vault over the court wall from the steps. If you pass, you can get to Williams without dashing.

Roll: 13 + 2 = 15 Success "Williams, get up! It's not over yet!"

Williams. Williams thanks Stafford and keeps his chainsaw blade in action. He trys to gauge into Mahagoan, 1d20; 7 + 5 = 12.

(bad luck, Flynn next)

Flynn. Flynn tries to kick the zombie he's grappling. d20 14 + 5 = 19 Roll

(1 point of damage. 3rd reminder and last chance to use your archetype feature?)

(Can I see Mahagaon so I can Point Fire! him? If so, I'll do that.)


Yes you can!
Attention all marines: if you are within 30 feet of Flynn, you have a +1 bonus to attack rolls against the ex-lieutenant.

Monowi moves with Ordos, firing up at the ex-lieutenant with her shotgun (15 + 4 +1), a hit! 8 piercing damage. Mahagaon is now leaking semi-congealed blood, spreading it across the court floor as he staggers.

Mahagaon turns and tries to mow Williams down with a chaingun burst at contact range ... (Williams, give me a DC 15 Dexterity save)

Williams will use 1 badass point to jump 20 feet away from Mahagaon, staying within movement range but also in the direction away from the other zombies above. Dexterity save, 1d20, 18 + 3 = 21.

(Rocket jump is for explosions, but I'll allow it this time). The chaingun burst punches through the flooring and ruptures a gas pipe. Williams leaps away from the resulting explosion, hurling himself over the scale model of the outpost and landing on the other side. At this position he has a bit of cover from the ex-marines: there's concrete pillar to your right, and from the scale model. There's also a pistol ammo magazine at your feet.

And now, introducing Wulf Ordos! (Okay Banshee70, you're up. Hopefully you know what's going on from the above, and from the map. You are the yellow marine over the word "Entrance". (Map updated, I've cleared away the dead ex-UAC staff)

Habitat Entrance

Ordos. Ordos blasts his shotgun at Mahagoan, attack roll 17, then runs up the stairs to the north.


Ordos aims upwards and hit the ex-lieutenant squarely. He is at at point-blank range, if you would care to roll for damage.

(Death saving throw for Hallstat = 9; two strikes.)

Another grenade is hurled by some unseen person in the habitat. It lands between the two ex-marines and explodes. The one battling Flynn takes the brunt of the fragmentation and is shredded.

Round 7

(Stafford, go!)

Stafford. Stafford sprints up to Mahagoan and fires his shotgun at 10-foot range. Roll: 12 + 4 + 1 = 17 Damage: 8 + 7 + 6 + 2 = 23 From the balcony, he sees Hallstat bleeding out. "Oh shit, Hallstat is down! Medic?"

Williams. I sprint to Mahagoan to attack him. 1d20, 7 + 5 = 13 only to miss.

DM. (Might want to change that action, Williams) Staffords blast finally topples the ex-lieutenant, who drops to the floor howling, surrounded by bullet casings.

The remaining ex-marine fires at Flynn (19 + 3 = 22), the shotgun blast dealing 11 piercing damage.

(Okay, now it's Williams)

Williams. Williams runs towards the nearby zombie to attack it (using my roll above, 13 to hit).

(Flynn next)

Flynn. Flynn Dashes towards Hallsat, taking the shortest possible route. "I'll go check on Hallsat! The rest of you, cover me!"

Ordos. Ordos runs up the stairs and shotguns the ex-marine in the back. Attack roll natural 20 +5 bonus. Damage 33.

DM KERBLAM, the second ex-marine drops and is still. All is quiet except a faint meaty gurgling sound. Flynn and Monowi both run for Hallstat. (Hallstat death saving throw = 4) But it's too late. Monowi desperately tries to patch the bullet wounds. Flynn checks for a pulse. It's no good, the private has lost too much blood and is dead. Monowi screams uselessly at the corpse.

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