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Back to Main PageMeta PagesDiscussions DM As you discuss what to do, your communicator beeps on the military band. "Fireteam Bravo, respond. This is Lieutenant Mahagaon."

You barely recognize the voice. The lieutenant, a woman built like a brick house, normally has a booming voice. Now she sounds faint, tired.

Flynn responds "Lieutenant, this is Bravo, where are you?"

"I'm trapped in Security. Tried to get into the labs... Turn off the argent emitter... Couldn't make it."

Monowi asks him: "What the hell's going on lieutenant?"

"Whatever you do... don't fall asleep... that's when they get you. I'm outta adrenaline, not going to make it. "

Williams. Williams reiterates to the rest of Bravo the information to not fall asleep, at least until we leave the outpost. Williams transmits on the communicator

Bravo is still alive. If you are being attacked, just try to lock yourself into a safe place! Some of us are going to the argent emitter now.

Then, together with Flynn he will head out the north hall to the Command Room. Here, Williams will try to move silently since he is certain there are zombies around. Stealth 1d20, 3 + 3 = 6.

2. Concourse LS-CO[edit]

(Not sure what was decided about Boudjour, but Monowi thinks its too risky to take him with them right now: you're already having to carry Ordos with you)

Concourse LS-CO is a wide corridor that connect life support and the command dome. A central road is wide enough for small utility vehicles to pass each other, with a low gantry on each side for storage and maintenance access. Many pipes run along the wall and ceiling, delivering heat, water and air to the rest of the outpost.

It is a scene of chaos. An overturned cargo-runner has spilled its load of vending-machine refills across the road. Lights have been smashed, and the remaining are flickering in the dark. There are six, maybe more, mutilated bodies of UAC staff. A big pile of burnt debris on the gantry is still smoking.

Hallstat carries the unconscious Ordos in fireman's lift (or maybe that should be Williams? :) Williams knocks into a barrel with a great clang, it's contents sloshing over the rim.

"Careful! " Monowi whispers, "That's nukage! Should be stored in the refinery, what's it doing out here?"

60 feet down the concourse, an emergency breach shutter is sealed down, blocking the way. Brown-red blood is smeared across in great swathes.

Athena announces over the PA: "I apologize for the inconvenience. The concourse is currently closed. Security is on the way and were notified 472 minutes ago. While you are waiting, please enjoy a complimentary coffee from the vending machine to your right."

Williams. Strength check to see if I can tear the emergency breach shutter away, and open up the space. 1d20, 19 + 3 = 22

Flynn. Flynn walks over to the vending machine to investigate the complementary beverage, and then Helps Williams move the shutter.

DM. While Williams huffed and grunted trying to lift the barrier, Flynn found a cup of hot coffee waiting for him at the vending machine.

"Christ Williams," Monowi sighed, "that gate must weigh half a ton."

Flynn came back down the gantry and tried to find purchase for his fingers at the base of the barrier. Face red with the strain, Williams grunted "I think it's... lifting a bit."

Artemis states blankly: "Please do not interfere with safety equipment."

Hallstat let Ordos down gently, and he and Monowi dashed over to wedge what they could find in the inch-wide gap. Unable to sustain the weight, Williams and Flynn let the gate thunk back down, crushing the debris rammed underneath, leaving a gap of about half a foot.

A buzzing alarm starts to ring out. "Warning." Artemis continues. "What are you doing. Please do not interfere with safety equipment. Breach in concourse LS-CO. Personnel are advised to don hazmat clothing. "

The most awful pungent odour begins to emanate from the gap in the shutter. A thick smell of rot, like old dog meat. You hear heavy, deep, wet breathing.

Williams. Williams, frustrated, states the obvious.

This smells really bad right now... There must be a large, wet, stinky something behind this gate. I see two options. Either Flynn and I try to go back to the Managers Office and see if there is a shortcut through the vent there, to get across the habitation module. We heard some movement in the ducts, so that thing must be able to get around where we are now stuck. Of course this thing could be more dangerous than what is making this pungent odor.

Or... We try to pull this security gate away from this corridor with the forklift. I kind of like this idea since its much more direct, and we know where we will be going. So, what should we do?

Flynn. "What's that... breathing sound? Maybe it has something to do with why all of our allies have lost their minds and started attacking us, but whatever it is, I don't think it's friendly."

DM. While you were discussing this, Monowi was arguing with Artmeis: "Artemis, open this gate!" - "I'm sorry, the seal is a precaution due to a containment breach. Security has been informed." - "But we've unsealed it now, there's a gap, you may as well open it at let is through!" - "I'm sorry, that needs to be authorized with the dispatched security team." - (screaming now) "There's is no security team Artemis, that was hours ago, they would be here by now!"

Hallstat is drinking the coffee. "I'm not crawling through any more ducts. I say we ram that sucker with that cargo runner, or the fork-lift." He starts pressing buttons on the vending machine. "Hey, can I get a blue potion?" It churns out another plastic cup of coffee. He takes his knife and starts stabbing at the edge of the machine. "If we can get a stim for Ordos, maybe he can at least walk."

Flynn. "Artemis?" Flynn asks. "If a security team has been alerted and they have been dispatched, can you tell me where the security team is right now?"

DM "Chief Licklider is on route through Command now, ETA 5 minutes. Shall I open a channel?"

Hallstat stops messing with the vending machine and seems to be smacking his lips in disgust. "... think that coffee was decaff..." He's bending over the gantry railing, spitting.

Flynn. "Yes Artemis, open a channel." When the channel is opened, Flynn asks. "Chief Licklider? Can you hear me? This is Nathan Flynn of Fireteam Bravo. We have returned from our eel-hunting mission. Repeat. This is Nathan Flynn of Fireteam Bravo. We have returned from our eel-hunting mission. Can you hear me?"

Williams. “There is no Chief Licklider, and no one is going to clear out the stink of rot, and whatever is making that gross breathing noise. Flynn, can you come with me to get the forklift, or help me with the cargo runner?“ Can you give me more information about the cargo runner? Where is it, and is it stronger than the forklift?

DM. There's a beep over the PA. Athena announces "Chief Licklider". There's a thin gurgling sound. Then a faint voice, you can barely make out the words: "Meat bone meat bone meat bone...", then the voice sharply increases in volume, hoarse, distorting the speaker, "MEAT! BONE! MEAT! BO" - the channel abruptly closes.

"Holy shit!" Hallstat shouts.

The cargo runner looks like this, and was pulling a small flatbed of boxes chocolate bars and plastic cups, printer paper and toner. It looks like it toppled over when someone drove into onto the bank under the gantry - the body of the driver is sprawled on the high-grip flooring, his head caved in. The forklift probably has more horsepower, and has the fork of course. In either case, you'll have to move some of the debris and some of the bodies to one side of the concourse.

Monowi stands up from peering under the gate with a flashlight. She looks pale. "There's something walking around in there. I saw it's... feet." BANG! She almost leaps out of her skin when something slams into the gate on the other side, sending the plate metal reverberating.

Williams. Williams transmits into his communicator, “Athena, Chief Licklider has arrived, but the dog on the other side of the gate is attacking him. Open the gate, its important!!“

Then, assuming that we get another senseless communication over the PA, Williams asks the rest of Bravo to clear out the dead bodies, broken equipment, and get the cargo runner into a driveable state. Strength check 1d20, 6 + 2 = 8. See how you can help, Bravo, its urgent.

DM Athena: "I am sorry, the security team are unable to respond right now. They are on route. Please enjoy your complimentary coffee."

Between the three of you, you right the cargo runner and clear some space. You notice Hallstat is looking quite pale, and he is spitting a lot. Monowi taps her helmet. "I dunno, I think we might only put a dent in that gate."

There are more slams against the gate from the other side. There's flutter of shadow along the gap, as one or more people move back and forth. Metallic scraping sounds and the hiss of escaping gas. Athena warns: "Please do not interfere with security equipment.", apparently addressing whoever is back there.

Monowi says "They're really tearing it up back there." and takes cover behind the cargo runner. You see hands in the gap, grabbing the lower rim of the shutter: large, tan, clawed hands.

Flynn. "What... is that? Whatever those hands belong to, I don't think it's human, and I really don't think it's friendly!" Flynn shouts as he takes cover behind the cargo runner.

(I'll Ready my action to shoot whatever comes out with my shotgun)

Williams. WIlliams yells over the scraping, snorting, and panting to Monowi "Get back to Life Support with the rest of Bravo, NOW! Flynn and I will take this thing down." Williams takes a ready action to shoot whatever comes through the gate with the shotgun.

DM. Monowi grabs Hallstat (who is looking very woozy) by the arm and drags him back to life support. "I can't take Ordos as well! He's there!" she points. Ordos had been laid down carefully under the gantry to the east, on a wooden pallet.

The shutter's motor whines and finally gives in. It is raised by a humanoid creature. It cannot be human. It has tan-coloured skin and covered in bony protrusions. It is naked, bulging with muscles, its face snarling and slavering. It is accompanied by two human "zombies": a big man wearing dockworker's overalls, pulling apart the shutter mechanism with a monkey wrench on the east side of the concourse; and an officer from the command dome. You vaguely recognize her... Calhoon or someone... although most of her hair has been pulled out and there's a deep gouge across her forehead and cheek.

The concourse ahead is a right-angled turn to the east, towards Command. It is similarly strewn with debris and corpses. In the corner (some 80 feet from you) on the gantry level you recall there is a recess with a sink and a first aid kit. The zombies, and this new creature, are on the concourse, the gantries on either side look clear.

Williams and Flynn both open fire at the creature. The range is 30 ft.

Williams. I fire at Calhoon, the zombie 1d20, 12 + 5 = 17. Hit. 2d8 + 3: 3, 8 + 3 = 14 for 14 points of damage. If the zombie does not drop, I tell Flynn to do the same as I did. “Flynn, take down the monster last in case we need to dash for the stim pack.“ As an after thought, Williams shouts “Ordos, play dead!“

You may now roll initiative for Williams.

Flynn. Flynn shoots at Calhoon with his shotgun (unless Williams already killed Calhoon, in which case he shoots the other zombie). 1d20 16 + 5 = 21 Roll, 2d8 + 3: 3 + 6 + 3, 12 Roll

DM. Calhoon and the dockworker both fall back and drop down in a spray of blood. The leathery, bony humanoid screeches at you.

Initiative: Flynn 16, Imp 13, Williams 9

Flynn. I'll Ready my action to shoot the creature with my shotgun if it gets within 10 feet of me.

DM. Slowly stepping through the shutter, the creature pulls back its right arm, palm forwards. Something glowing bubbles there for a moment, and the creature hurls it forward. It expands into a glowing ball of fire, heading straight for Flynn! (Attack roll 12 + 5 = 17 vs. AC 16 + 2 (half cover). The fireball bursts onto the battery housing of the cargo runner, leaving a black dent with small residual flames.

Williams. Williams moves to within 10 feet of the creature, and attacks it with his shotgun. 1d20, 4 + 5 = 9. Williams misses, shooting the shotgun pellets awkwardly to the left of the creature as it nimbly wiggles away from the spread.

(okay, back to Flynn)

DM.(I'll have Flynn fire from cover)

Flynn fires his shotgun (Natural 20! 21 piercing damage), tagging the creature square on the chest - it should have been a fatal blast, but the thing barely flinches! Where there should be a great wound, there's just a red mark.

The beast launches itself at Williams, tearing at him with both claws, but his security armour protects him.

(William's turn)

Williams. I only know how to do a ranged weapon attack, so even that I am scared that this creature does not respond to our attacks, Williams trys again with his shotgun. 1d20, 7 + 5 = 12.

Then, fearing the worst I try to intimidate the creature to stop attacking us and to attack more worthy opponents. 1d20, 19 + 2 = 21.

Flynn. I'll shoot it with my shotgun, confident that, after my last shot, this should take it down. 1d20 19 + 5 = 24 Roll

DM. William's shot glances off the creature's tough hide, but Flynn's attack punches pellets past whatever unearthly resistance it has, leaving a gaping wound in its abdomen. It drops, dribbling the same red innards as humans.

The dockworker wasn't quite dead and begins to drag itself up, but a boot to the head knocks him out.

(Reward: 150 XP each)

(If you could kindly briefly consolidate/roleplay, and I'll do a better update later.)

Flynn. "What was that... thing? That shot should have killed it, but it survived and it took another shot to kill it? Whatever it is, I think it might have something to do with why our comrades are attacking us, because they weren't attacking it."

(Is there anything immediately obvious about the dead creature? i.e. is its body dissolving or otherwise being destroyed, or can I investigate it a little closer?)


I was scared that the creature didn't respond to the force of the shotgun pellets hammering its chest cavity. You saw how I was trying to scare it off!

The good news is that we are safe for a little bit. We need to get that medikit, and give it to Ordos. We need to get Bravo team back together.

How far away is the medikit from where we are right now?

The bad news, of course, is that its not just Zombies here. The other bad news is that we need to rest and prepare ourselves at some point. Think about Ordos, he must be on the verge of collapsing with his wound and everything we have been through since the last rest. Flynn, do you think that if we regroup, use the med pack on Ordos, drink some strong coffee, that we can make it to the laboratory to destroy the relic before we pass out?

DM. The creature's body is just in a heap. It looks like something out of a nightmare. It's huge fanged mouth is agape with a red tongue lolling out. It's eyes were glowing red, but are now fading to grey. It has large bony spikes protruding from its shoulders, and along its arms and legs. It's nipples are spikes. Each digitigrade foot has two toes. You need to make an DC 20 arcana check to know any more.

The recess with the medikit is in on the gantry level in the corner of the concourse, 80 feet ahead - you can just see the pale clinical green light over the mirror and sink there. The concourse ahead looks like a violent riot passed through. Most of the lights are out and blinking. There are smoulderling piles of debris and piping ripped out of walls.

A private message from Athena comes over Flynn's comm. "This is an automated message from UNSMC. Lieutenant Mahagaon is no longer capable of acting as marine command at Pallas station due to being discharged/killed in action/mental instability/delete as appropriate/error. As the next highest ranking officer, you have been field promoted to Lieutenant. "

(SirSprinkles has already levelled up his character, Green Dragon if you would care to do the same. Add the new hit points and Hit Dice to your current values; don't go to maximum).

Williams. Williams tells Flynn to just stay here for now, and to look over Ordos. Then, Williams runs to the recess, goes to the sink and rummages around on the shelves for the medikit. Once he has it in his hands, Williams runs back to Flynn and Ordos, and applies it to Ordos. After wrapping Ordo's wounds with bandages and bots, pocking him with a few syringes full of healing formulas, and shoving a few pills down his mouth, Williams states "I tried the best I could, how are you Ordos?" Williams heals Ordos for 9 hit points.

After we are all back together, Williams tells Flynn and Ordos to stay were they are, and just catch up and watch out. Since the passage between the rest of Bravo to Flynn and Ordos should be safe, Williams runs back to Monowi and Hallstat. After reaching them, Williams tells them that we survived and even got Ordos back onto his feet. Together, they will all head back to Flynn and Ordos.

DM. In the recess and the junk on the gantry, Williams also finds: a pistol magazine, a chainsaw, and 11 cans of F-Max "the lightly sparkling fish drink" (counts as health bonuses).

Ordos coughs and splutters, the stimulants waking him up. "Thanks... what did I miss?" He sees the bodies. "Uh, never mind."

You meet the other marines at the entrance to life support. Monowi is shaking the limp body of Hallstat. "He passed out. Maybe from this ear wound? I don't know."

Williams. To Monowi, Williams responds.

Lets try to give him a can of F-Max. This stuff should wake him up if he is going to survive. In any case, now, lets get back to the others. I'll help you bring Hallstat to everyone.

With or without a perceptive Hallstat, Williams helps Monowi bring him to the rest of Bravo. Once everyone is back together, Williams tells Bravo that we need get a move on. "We need to clear out that relic before sleeping. We can't fall asleep, until that's done."

Bravo will continue together towards through command, to the laboratories. Williams keeps his eyes open for zombies or devils, and also for provisions and medikits (passive Perception 11).

Flynn. Deciding that learning more about this new enemy is probably the most important thing he could be doing, Flynn takes a closer look at the dead creature. 1d20 18 + 0 = 18 Roll, Roll for proficiency = 7 Roll

DM. The F-Max perks up Hallstat a little. He is still white and feint. "Don't drink... the coffee..." he manages. Ordos and Monowi walk him down the concourse towards Command while Flynn examines the corpse. It's almost human, heavily muscled, with bony protrusions. It's face has a heavy eye ridge, no nose except a small slit, and a mouth that seems to be designed for biting huge chunks. It is hairless and leathery. It has a mark on the back of its skull that resembles a pentagram. The whole body is radiating heat.

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