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Rarity: uncommon, rare or very rare
Weight: 1 lb.

[Argent] A weapon rune is the UACs experimental result of combining of human technology and Hellish magic, in an attempt to develop anti-demon weaponry. It is a mesh of electronics and arcane runes that is affixed to the barrel of a firearm. It takes 1 minute to apply or remove the weapon rune. When the firearm is used to attack a creature with a certain number of hit dice or less, the firearm is considered to be a magical weapon. The number of hit dice depends on the weapon rune's rarity:

  • Uncommon: 6 hit dice
  • Rare: 12 hit dice
  • Very rare: 18 hit dice

Using a weapon rune degrades both the rune and the weapon. 10 minutes after a weapon enhanced with a weapon rune is fired, both the rune and the weapon are rendered unusable and unrepairable.

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