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Corvo Attano, one of the most feared and effective Void Champions.

An assassin, clad in red and blade in hand, runs atop rooftops towards the palace with his followers behind him. Towards his target, he then raises his fist and appears in front of the empress he was tasked to kill. A former bodyguard, now disgraced, strides through the alleyways of a dark city. His face hidden by a metal mask, guards confront him but they are outmatched by the masked felon's expert swordsmanship. A woman running through and over the sun bleached streets of a decrepit coastal town. Turning a corner just as she nears a group of corrupt nobles, then transforming into a horrifying shadow and proceeds to tear them apart.

All of these warriors, infamous assassins and disgraced nobles, have one thing in common. A mark on the back of their hand; the symbol of a taboo deity. The Outsider [[1]]. His mark grants them incredible, supernatural powers, all for the purpose of his entertainment.

The Void Champion[edit]

Whoever you are, whatever you have done. It is unimportant now, as you have gained the Outsider's interest. Your dreams now show you a world of chaos, and your thoughts invaded by an entity with black eyes. He talked to you and gave you a gift, his Mark, and now you have powers beyond any normal person. It is up to you to choose what to do with this new abilities. Will you become a servant of good, seeking out evil and silencing it? Or will you embrace the dark and kill all in your way?

Creating a Void Champion[edit]

How did you gain the Outsider's interest? Were you wrongly convicted of murder and determined to seek revenge? Or was your rule felled by an outside force and you seek to a new life?

Quick Build

You can make a Void Champion quickly by following these suggestions. First, Dexterity should be your highest ability score, followed by either Intelligence or Strength depending on what fighting style you choose, Second, choose the Criminal background. Third, choose an exotic ranged weapon.

Class Features

As a Void Champion you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Void Champion level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Void Champion level after 1st


Armor: Light armour
Weapons: Simple, all Hidden, Exotic ranged
Tools: Either Thieves tools or Tinker' tools
Saving Throws: Dexterity and Intelligence
Skills: Choose four from Acrobatics, Athletics, Deception. Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Perception, Performance. Persuasion, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth.


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) A Folding sword[[2]] or (b) Any simple melee weapon
  • (a) A hand crossbow (20 standard bolts) or (b) A flintlock pistol (20 standard bullets)
  • (a) Studded Leather armour or (b) An Exotic ranged weapon (Consult DM on choice)
  • (a) Thieves Tools or (b) Tinker's Tools
  • Assassin mask, explorer's pack, Arcane focus (Outsider's Mark)

Table: The Void Champion

Level Proficiency
Features Mana
1st +2 2 Runes, Expertise, Archetype, Seeker, Powers of the Mark 2
2nd +2 Dark Vision, Drop assassination 2
3rd +2 Equipment Upgrades 2
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement, 3 Runes, Pull 3
5th +3 Fighting Style 3
6th +3 Possesion 3
7th +3 Sure Footed 3
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement, 4 Runes 4
9th +4 Summoning I, 4
10th +4 Bone Charms, expertise 4
11th +4 Mesmerize, Domino 4
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement, 6 Runes, Mines 6
13th +5 Summoning II 6
14th +5 Doppelgänger 6
15th +5 Fighting Style 6
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement, 7 Runes 10
17th +6 10
18th +6 10
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 10
20th +6 8 Runes, Void's Wrath Power 12


Starting at 1st level you choose an archetype depending on your fighting style. High aggression combatants would be Crown Killers. Stealth based assassins would be Phantom Spies. The archetype dictates the options for your abilities; such as elemental alignments, summoning powers and Void's Wrath.


At 1st level, you choose two of your skill proficiencies. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of the chosen proficiencies, you may choose two more proficiencies at 10th level.


At first level you are approached by the Outsider in a dream, there he gives his Mark and explains to you your new powers. And additionally he gifts you a Seeker, a tool crafted from a personal artifact: be it the heart of recently deceased love; or a pocket watch heirloom. The object is always augmented by the Outsider with technology and Void energy to give its enchanted properties:

-While the Seeker is equipped, the host gains advantage to Insight(Wis) checks against any humanoid that has an Int of 10 or higher.

-While equipped the Seeker can guide the host to objects of interest, the creature gain a +2 to investigation or perception.


Runes are vessels for Void energy, their power can only be unlocked by people with the Outsider's Mark. Void Champions use runes to access and improve their supernatural powers, they do this by transferring the energy from the rune into themselves, which alters their powers. Runes are gained by accessing shrines to the Outsider, finding them in the lonely places of the world or by the Outsider himself gifting you them in a dream. You find or are gifted runes (personal choice, but consult DM) at 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 20th level.

Assassin Mask[edit]

Your mask is your symbol. It's what hides your true identity and causes people to fear you. The mask is usually constructed from leather, cloth, steels and brass. As the mask obscures your face, people you make an Insight (Wis) check against you have -1 to their rolls. You always wear your mask on missions and you are fiercely protective of your mask, and hence identity.

Drop Assassination[edit]

At second level your enhanced martial prowess allows you to attempt and attack on enemies below you. When you are between 10 and 50 ft up and hidden or undetected you can attempt to drop down onto a target to attack them or break your fall. When you fall you must make a DC 15 Acrobatics (Dex). On a success you land on a target of medium or larger attacking with your main weapon. You automatically hit and deal the base weapon damage+prof bonus. The target then makes a DC 12 Con save or be stunned until the start of its next turn. You also negate any falling damage on a success, on a failure you deal no damage and take falling damage as normal.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Fighting Styles[edit]

At 5th level and again at 15th you choose one of the following fighting styles.


When you are wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with that weapon.

-Cautious Defense

If you end your turn without making an attack, you gain a +3 bonus to AC until the start of your next turn. This benefit ends early if you attack or cast a spell.

-Fast Reloading

When you learn this fighting style, choose one type of crossbow you are proficient in. You ignore the loading property of the chosen weapon.


You gain +2 to attacks with ranged weapons

-Power Attack

When you learn this fighting style, choose one melee weapon you are proficient in. Before you make an attack with the chosen weapon, you can choose not to add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll. If the attack hits, you add twice your proficiency bonus to the attack's damage.


Prerequisite: the campaign should allow firearms.

When you engage a two-weapon fighting with a firearm and a melee weapon, if you make both attacks on the same target, you have advantage on the attack roll you make with the second attack IF the first hit.

Sure Footed[edit]

The power of the Void flows through you, granting you powers beyond normal men. But it also augments your mortal form. At 7th level your base movement speed is increased by 5 ft; your climbing speed equals your base speed and you gain advantage to acrobatic rolls that involve environmental traversal. Additionally, your stance is improved making it more difficult for enemies to move you. +2 to saves against being pushed.

Powers of the Mark[edit]

As a champion of the Outsider you gain special powers; these powers drain your strength, your Mana. Most of your powers drain Mana points, they can be replenished by taking a short rest or drinking a health potion. Your powers are treated as always prepared spells and your arcane focus is the Outsider's Mark. Powers can be gained and upgraded by the runes you receive at 1st, 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level. They are divided into supernatural (requires Mana) and natural powers. Your spellcasting attack modifier is Prof bonus + either Wis or Int modifier. Save DC, unless otherwise stated, is 10 + Prof + your chosen ability (Wis/Int).

Starting Powers

Void Blast You cast from your off hand a burst of elemental energy that deals damage to every target in a 50 ft line that is 10 ft wide in front of you. Mana cost 1, 1 Action, S. Instantaneous.

-1st tier: 1d10 damage

-2nd tier: 2 runes, 2d10 damage

-3rd tier: 4 runes, 3d10 damage

Traversal You move at exceptional speed, to a degree that to casual observers it looks like teleportation. Depending on your elemental alignment, the visual effect changes: fire is a cloud of embers, lighting travels as a bolt of energy, thunder is a quiet sound wave, cold has a small vapour cloud, Radiant is a flash of light, Necrotic is a tendril that drags you along. Mana cost 0, 1 Bonus Action, S. Instantaneous.

-1st tier: 40 ft

-2nd tier: 2 runes, 80 ft

Supernatural Powers[edit]

Dark Vision

At 2nd Level the Dark Vision power is unlocked, this is an advanced form of darkvision that allows for short range truesight and other features for the duration.

1st tier: 1 rune. 30 ft darkvision. Can see entities and the direction they are facing through solid objects such as walls and buildings within the range of added darkvision. 1 Mana. 1 bonus action. V, S, Concentration. 30 seconds (5 rounds).

2nd tier: 2 runes. 60 ft darkvision. The range of the 'x-ray' effect is increased in accordance to the added darkvision. But it now reveals the projected movement paths of entities, advantage on stealth checks. Additionally while active, +10 ft truesight. 2 Mana. 1 action. V, S, Concentration. 1 Minutes (10 rounds).


At 4th level the ability to covertly pull and/or suspend small inanimate objects towards you, this can later be improved to pull bodies of medium or smaller creatures. Can only affect one object at a time. When dispelled, if the object is not physically taken, the object is flung 10 ft back and takes 1d4 bludgeoning damage.

1st tier: 1 rune. 30 ft range. 1 Mana. 1 action. Duration: Until power is dispelled. Weight limit of 30 lbs (inanimate object). S.

2nd tier: 3 runes. 30 ft range. 2 Mana. 1 action. Duration: Until power is dispelled. If target is a creature it must make a DC 15 Strength save or be paralysed until the power is dispelled or interrupted. S, Concentration.


At 6th level the power of forceful possession is unlocked, it allows you to inhabit and control any Beast of less than CR 1/2 for a duration of 1 minute. At second tier you can possess any medium humanoid which fails a DC 13 Wis saving throw, this grants you advantage on stealth and hide rolls but you cannot attack.

1st tier: 3 runes, Examples of creatures: A rat, a fish, a small bird. Duration 1 minute (10 rounds). 2 Mana. 1 action. S.

2nd tier: 5 runes, Examples: A low level guard, a civilian, a bandit. Duration 1 minute (10 rounds). DC 13 save. 2 Mana. 1 action. S.


At 9th level the supernatural ability to summon swarms of creatures of up to a CR of 1/2 is unlocked. If you use this power you must choose one of the following to summon dependent on your archetype. 2nd tier is unlocked at 13th level.

1st tier: Total CR 1/2. 2 Mana. 1 action. 5 minutes or until killed. S.

2nd tier: Total CR 1. 4 Mana. 1 action. 5 minutes or until killed. S.

-Two swarms of Plague Rats (Swarm of Rats). Crown Killer.

-Two Weepers (Zombies). Crown Killer.

-A swarm of Bloodflies (Swarm of Wasps). Phantom Spy.

-4 Wolfhounds (Mastiff). Phantom Spy.


At 11th level you can choose the power to summon a Void spirit to enthrall men and beasts. When summoned the spirit distracts any hostile humanoid or beast within range until the duration is up. While they are distracted they have disadvantage on Perception checks. If they feel threatened, the effect ends for all the enthralled.

1st tier: 2 runes. 2 targets. 15 ft radius. 2 minute duration (20 rounds). DC 15 Wis save. 1 action. S. 3 Mana.

2nd tier: 4 runes. 4 targets. 20 ft radius. 3 minute duration (30 rounds). DC 15 Wis save. 1 action. S. 3 Mana.


At 11th level the ability to link targets together to share effects is unlocked. When linked, the target that is then affected takes half of the effect of the damage or condition. Any additional targets take a fraction of the remaining damage/effect. For example: 3 linked targets; 1 target takes 8 damage, the remaining two take 8/2 = 4 damage. If it is a condition effect, the saving throw is reduced for the secondary targets.

1st tier: 2 runes. 1 target. DC 15 primary save, DC 10 secondary save. 1 action+1 bonus action. 2 Mana. Duration 2 minutes or until target is attacked.

2nd tier: 3 runes. Up to 3 targets. DC 15 primary save, DC 11 secondary save. 1/2 damage primary, (1/2)/No. of remaining targets secondary damage. 1 action+1 bonus action. 3 Mana. Duration 2 minutes or until target is attacked.


At 14th level, if purchased, you can summon a shade copy of yourself that attracts enemies. If a creature can see the Doppelgänger and you, it is forced to make a Intelligence check against your deception check, if they fail they attack the copy. opportunity attack against you while within 5ft of your copy have disadvantage. the copy has its own hitpoints and lasts for 1 minute or until it is destroyed. At second tier the Doppelgänger can attack with a shortsword.

1st tier: 3 runes. 1d8+2 Hitpoints. 30 ft walking speed. 4 Mana. S.

2nd tier: 4 runes. 1d12+5 Hitpoints. 35 ft walking speed. 4 Mana. Sword Strike: +1 to hit, 1d6 Slashing damage.

Natural Powers[edit]

These are passive effects augmented by the Void, they do not drain Mana and are ever present unless magically blocked.

Blood Thirsty

1st tier: 2 runes. When you land a critical hit, you gain a +2 to damage on the next attack you perform.

2nd tier: 3 runes. When you land a critical hit, you gain a +1 to hit and +4 to damage on the next attack you perform.

Shadow Kill

1st tier: 2 runes. When you kill an unaware enemy, they die silently and the body turns to ash.


1st tier: 1 rune. When increasing hitpoints, add +1 at each level.

2nd tier: 3 runes. When increasing hitpoints, add + 2 at each level. 10th level.


1st tier: 2 runes. + 5 ft to base movement speed. Can perform long jumps from a standing start.


1st tier: 2 runes. When an enemy misses an attack against you, you can make a reaction attack against that target. Once per short rest.

2nd tier: 4 runes. Three times per short rest.

Bonecharm Crafting

1st tier:10th level. 2 runes. Gains the ability to craft Bone Charms with a random effect. Requires a small section of bone. Crafting is a Religion (Int) check. DC 13 creates a normal charm, between 9 and 13 it is corrupted, below an 8 it fails to be crafted. After type is determined roll the appropriate dice for the effect.

2nd tier: 3 runes. reduces the chance of receiving Corrupted Charms and allows for Black Charms to be crafted. DC 10 creates normal charm, Between 5 and 9 it is corrupted. Natural 20 grants a Black Charm.

Void's Wrath Power[edit]

At 20th level you have gained enough interest with the Outsider to have one of the following abilities unlocked. They are incredibly powerful and can change the course of a combat.

Crown Killer[edit]

Bend Time

You call upon the time distorted Void energies and slow time to a standstill, while you are unaffected. During this period all non-magical attack rolls and spells automatically miss and you do not provoke opportunity attacks. You can still attack, but the target/s will not be affected until the duration is up or the power is deactivated.

1st tier: 8 runes. 12 second duration (2 rounds). +1 actions per round. +2 bonus actions per round. +2 movement actions per round. 10 Mana. 1 action + 1 bonus action to cast. S.


You surround yourself with the turbulent energy of the Void and us it to cause turmoil in the material plane. When active the Void causes environmental hazards wherever you go for the duration of the power, some of these effects you can control. The hazards are also altered dependent on the current environment and your elemental alignment. You cannot use any other powers or attacks while controlling the Maelstrom.

1st tier: 8 runes. 30 second duration (5 rounds). 10 Mana. V, S, Concentration. Effects:

-Tremors: the ground around you shakes violently and fissures appear that release elemental energy. 40 ft cube. DC 15 Dex save. On failed save the target takes 2d10 bludgeoning and 1d10 elemental damage and is knocked prone; on a successful save the target takes half damage and isn't knocked prone. On a critical fail (Nat 1) the target is swallowed by a fissure and is petrified until the end of the ability, where they take 1d8 bludgeoning upon being forced out of the crevice.

-Shrapnel clouds: 2, 10 ft by 30 ft tornadoes are created that follow you 15 ft away for the duration; but they can also be directed to specific targets. Any target caught in a twister must succeed on a DC 13 Con save or take 2d6 slashing and 1d8 elemental damage and be flung 30 ft into the air being stunned until its next turn in the process. On a successful save the target takes half damage and isn't moved or stunned. 1 action to direct 1 tornado.

Phantom Spy[edit]

Shadow Walk

You harness the reality altering Void to transform yourself into a shadow like being for a short period of time. In this form you become near intangible and much harder to detect. While in this form you cannot use any other attacks, actions or powers.

1st tier: 8 runes. 12 second duration (2 rounds). 10 Mana. S, Concentration. Effects:

-Movement speed=half base speed.

-Double advantage to Stealth (Dex) rolls

-Wraith strike: You pick up a medium or smaller creature and tear it in half. The target must make a DC 17 Dex save or be grappled then ripped in half, taking 4d10 Slashing and 2d10 Necrotic damage. If they survive they are rendered prone and take 1 slashing damage for the next 1d6 rounds or until healed. On a successful save, they are not grappled but are terrified until the end of their next turn.

-Living shadow: You can pass through gaps of an inch or larger due to your fluid form.

Blood Briars

You channel the Void through the ground, causing unnatural vines to sprout around you. You summon three vines in any location within 25 ft of you. The vines are counted as Large Aberrations and have a 30 ft reach, they cannot be charmed or controlled by anyone but yourself.. You can attack as normal while the Blood Briars are summoned.

1st tier: 8 runes. 30 second duration (5 rounds). 10 Mana. V, S. Effects:

-Brigmore Thorns: One of the vines is a bundle of thorn covered tendrils. The vine deals 1d8 piercing damage and it takes a bonus action to attack. For an action, it can ensnare a non formless enemy of medium or smaller that fails a DC 12 Dex save. On failed save the target is restrained and takes 1d4 piercing damage. HP=20+Prof bonus+Int mod. AC=12

-Plague roots: One of the vines is a decayed form of biomass that reeks of plague. It deals 1d8 slashing damage and takes a bonus action to attack. If the attack lands the target, if a creature, must make a DC 14 Con save or take 1d4 poison and 1d4 necrotic damage and suffer the poisoned state until the power's duration is done. HP=15+Prof bonus+Int mod. AC=10

-River Krust host: One of the vines is a stump of eroded plant matter with thick bark that serves as the foothold for a pair of River Krusts. The Krusts can launch a corrosive ball of sludge at foes. It takes a bonus action to attack; range 15/40 ft; 1d8 Acid damage, 1d4 bludgeoning damage. HP=25+Prof bonus+Int mod. AC=17 (Tough shell).

Bone Charms[edit]

Bones of whales, boons of men[edit]

Bone Charms are trinkets and talismans, crafted from the bones of great whales and imbued with the power of the Void. Starting at 10th level you gain the ability to use Bone Charms to grant buffs. Bone charms are divided into three categories: Standard, Corrupted and Black. Bone charms can be found in the world, to find one you must succeed on a DC 15 investigation (Int) check; then make an Nature (Int) check to determine its type. To fully integrate the discovery work with your DM. Normally you can only have 2 Bone Charms equipped, it takes an hour to attune a Charm's song to you to gain its effect. You can only look for charms once a day and when out of combat.

Standard Charms

These charms are for when you get between an 5 and 16 on the Investigation check, they grant a small buff with no draw backs. Roll a d10 to determine which charm you get.

-Spirit water: There is a 20% chance to regain 1 Mana point when drinking water. 1 or 2

-Swift Shadow: While hidden your movement speed is increased by 5 ft. 3 or 4

-Tough Skin: Adds 1d8+Con mod temp hp. 5 or 6

-Vengeance: When you take critical damage or damage equal to 1/4 of your total HP, you gain advantage on your next attack roll made against the enemy that damaged you. 7 or 8

-Falling Star: There is a 20% chance to regain 1 Mana point when you successfully perform a drop assassination. 9 or 10

Corrupted Charms

Found when a roll of below 5 is achieved on the Investigation check, they provide larger buffs but with an equal penalty. Roll a d8 to determine which charm you get.

-Power slash: Your melee weapon attacks deal +5 damage. Your melee attack uses both your action and movement. 1 or 2

-Armoured bones: You have advantage resistance to bludgeoning slashing and piercing damage. disadvantage on Dex saves and -5ft of movement. 3 or 4

-Shivering Silhouette. Enemies have a -2 to hit with ranged weapon attacks. You gain disadvantage on stealth (Dex) checks. 5 or 6

-Witch's Skin: You can use a Mana point to reduce damage taken by an attack by 1/2. Mana can only be regenerated after a long rest. 7 or 8

Black Charms

When you roll a 17 or higher you find a Black charm, these grant greater boons with no side effects. Roll a d6 to determine which charm you get.

-Cornered Animal: When your HP falls below a 1/4 of total you able to add your proficiency to melee damage attack rolls. 1 or 2

-Lucky Jam: Enemies have disadvantage on all ranged weapon attack rolls. 3 or 4

-Leech Cuts: When you deal physical damage to an enemy, you heal with HP equal to 1/4 of the damage dealt. 5 or 6

Equipment Upgrades[edit]

As a bearer of the Outsider's Mark, you use specialized equipment. Starting at 3rd level you can begin to upgrade your weapons, armour, and mask to give them different properties. As you level up more blueprints are accessible and thus more upgrades. Crafting upgrades requires Tinker's tools. It takes 6 hours of work to craft each item.


Spyglass: 3rd level. 300 gp. Allows the user to see far away objects in greater detail. When attacking within the upper bound of a ranged weapon they have no disadvantage but have a disadvantage on beings within 30ft.

Filter: 7th level. 700 gp. The mask has a chemical filter added. Advantage against airborne poisons.

Melee weapon

Sword Crossing: 5th level. 600 gp. The cross guard and blade are strengthened, allowing for easier blocking.when equipped you may use your reaction to attempt a parry to reduce damage by 1d6


Sleep Dart: 3rd level. 600 gp. Sleep darts will render a target unconscious upon failure of a DC 15 Con save. On a successful save the target remains conscious but takes 1d4 poison damage.

Incendiary Bolt: 10th level. 750 gp. Incendiary bolts are vials of whale oil on the end of a bolt, upon impact they deal 2d4 fire damage and cause the target to ignite taking 1d4 fire damage until they take an action to put out the flames. Due to the volatile nature of the bolt, it always takes an action to reload.

Accuracy: 6th level. 500 gp. The crossbow limbs are strengthened and the bolts modified to improve accuracy. +1 to crossbow attack rolls.


Explosive Bullets: 13th level. 1000 gp. The pistol ammunition is augmented with whale oil. Dealing a damage die less base damage (eg. 1d10 -> 1d8), but dealing an additional 1d4 fire and 1d4 force damage. Due to the volatile nature of the round, it ALWAYS takes an action to reload.

Short Barrel: 11th level. 700 gp. The pistol's barrel is reduced in length. This removes the lower bound of range, but decreases the upper bound by 35 ft. Cannot be used in conjunction with Long Barrel.

Long Barrel: 11th Level. 700 gp. The pistol's barrel is lengthened. This doubles the upper bound of range, but increases the lower bound by 35 ft. Cannot be used in conjunction with Short Barrel.


Folded Galvani Resin: 6th level. 250 gp. Your boot's soles are modified to eliminate sound. Advantage to sound based stealth checks.

Bonded Galvani Weave: 15th level. 750 gp. Your normal clothes are reinforced with the Galvani weave, making them stronger. +2 to AC.


Starting at 12th level you can build or commission stationary explosive devices. They are expensive and dangerous, but can greatly aid cunning assassins.


A small explosive packed with small lengths of thin wire or razor wire, linked to a proximity fuse. When a target is within 5 ft of the mine they must make a DC 13 Dex save or take 2d6 slashing damage. On a successful save the target takes half damage.

150 gp, length of wire, gunpowder. 1 bonus action to place. 4 hour build time.

Arc Mine

A metal disc with a micro scaled arc pylon within, linked to a proximity fuse. When a target is within 5 ft of the mine it must succeed on a DC 15 Con save or take 2d4 lightning damage and be stunned until the end of your next turn. On a successful save, the target takes half the damage and isn't stunned.

200 gp, pocket watch, bottle of lightning. 1 bonus action to place. 5 hour build time.


An iron sphere filled with whale oil the size of an apple that has an impact fuse. Detonation radius of 10 ft. Thrown (20/60 ft), Special. 2d8 thunder damage. DC 13 Dex save, on a failed save the target takes full damage and is launched 10 ft away. On successful save the target takes half damage and isn't moved.

150 gp, a flask of whale oil, 10 lbs of scrap iron. 1 action to throw. 2 hour build time.

Archetype: Crown Killer[edit]

Those who shun the stealth powers of their mark, instead opting to use their skills to outright fight and kill all their foes.

Elemental Alignment

Choose one of the following elemental damage types for your Void Blast and Traversal effect




Infamous Due to your brutal and open behavior people know of you and fear you. In civilized areas you gain the following benefits:

-Guards will keep an eye on you but criminals will actively try to avoid you.

-Due to your demeanor innkeepers are inclined not to aggravate you, you can acquire a room in any hostel/inn of modest quality or less for free.

-While wearing your Assassin Mask you gain a +2 to all Intimidation (Cha) rolls.

Additional Proficiencies

Armour: Medium

Weapons: Martial Melee

Archetype: Phantom Spy[edit]

They disapprove of thoughtless violence, instead seeking a quieter, smarter path.

Elemental Alignment

Choose one of the following elemental damage types for your Void Blast and Traversal effect





Ghost. Spectre. Shadow. All terms to describe Phantom Spies. In civilized urban environments you gain the following benefits:

-People do not acknowledge your existence, you meld into the background of scenes. People who catch a glimpse are likely to forget that they ever saw you.

-You can avoid attention in establishments or hotels of modest quality or higher.

-While wearing your Assassin Mask you gain +2 to all Stealth (Dex) rolls.

Additional Proficiencies

Armour: None

Weapons: Martial ranged, Special


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the Void Champion class, you must meet these prerequisites: 15 Dex, 13 Int. Have no previous patron or deity.

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the Void Champion class, you gain the following proficiencies: Stealth or Deception, Acrobatics. An exotic ranged weapon. Tinker's tools.

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