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Why has my page been nominated for deletion?

Pages are nominated for deletion if someone feels that for some reason the article is not currently of the level of quality we prefer on this wiki. Pages are usually deleted for one or multiple of the following reasons:

  • The page lacks enough information to be playable, or for someone else to make it playable with little effort of their own.
  • The page is pure vandalism.
  • The page violates copyright of some kind, usually a transcription of a Wizards of the Coast or DM's Guild work that is not under a license that allows it to be copied.
  • It is a discussion page, and the page it is associated with has been deleted.
  • It is part of a campaign setting that has been or is in the process of being deleted.
  • It's spam.
  • It is an exact or near copy of an already existing piece of content on the wiki.
  • The page is outdated.
  • It's being merged with another page.
  • Error correction.
  • Admins are also allowed to delete their own user subpages without following the normal deletion process.

But you are deleting my article before I'm done!

Having a deletion template does not mean that your creation is going to be deleted immediately. As a rule of thumb, we wait at least two weeks (14 days) from the time an article is first tagged until the time it is deleted. In reality the time is much greater than that (sometimes as long as months). If it is seen that you are making consistent progress, your article will not be deleted.

If you are worried about your article being deleted before you are done with it, make a comment on the article's talk page to inform the community of your current progress and time frame.

Why don't you guys give me time to finish my article?

We prefer that you have as much content as possible finished before you post it on the wiki. Once you post your article in the mainspace of the wiki, you should have a very good idea of how it is going to work. If you are going to work on your content for a while before it is finished, consider using a subpage of your user page instead. When it is ready you can move it to its proper location.

When can I remove the template?

It's generally best that you not remove the template yourself. If you think you have brought your article up to completion, leave a note on the talk page of that article, or the talk page of the user who put the template on your page.

Oh no! You deleted all my hard work!

Nothing on D&D Wiki is truly gone. If an administrator deleted your work before you were finished with it, they can still recover the content. Leave a message on the talk page of the administrator who deleted your work, or go here to find another admin.

Why won't you delete my work?!

Please note that simply because you are the author of page, does not mean you automatically have a right to delete it. Especially if other users have made contributions to the page, over its lifetime. When you upload your work to dandwiki, you agree that it is licensed under GFDL (or your other noted free license), so we are licensed to host that work forevermore, and any subsequent content deletion is at the discretion of administrators. If you think it is worthy of deletion, stick a delete template on it and somebody else might even come by and improve it! If the article is perfectly good, it will most likely stay up - Deletions will be based on the merit of the article, and little else.

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