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Regarding the edit to Soulknife[edit]

Hi, I was wondering about the reasoning for that edit to the Soulknife you made because changing the conjuring of a Mind Blade to an action is a huge nerf to the class.

1. Since the class require an action to conjure a Mind Blade in the first place, it takes 2 turns to attack with it to do 1d6 damage. This is slower than other classes such as spellcasting classes that can instantly shoot a cantrip to do 1d10 damage. This is a bigger nerf at higher levels, when a cantrip can shoot to do about 4d10 damage each turn. Meanwhile a Mind Blade will cap out at 2d6+2d8 damage for a Soul Shaper, and 1d10+2d8 damage for a Seeker every 2 turns. The damage differential between a Soulknife and another class grows increasingly bigger.

2. It disables the ability to conjure a Mind Blade and throw it in the same turn. Thereby making Throw Mind Blade even more useless as a class feature. Because after you conjure a mind blade, you'll never want to throw it unless you're a Seeker, because it'll waste your action just to conjure one again.

3. This is even less incentive to use Mind Blades at higher levels because of the time it takes to setup. Considering that everyone is allowed one free item interaction per turn according to page 190 of the PHB, non-spellcasting classes can take out a weapon and attack in the same turn. Meanwhile a Soulknife needs to waste their action just to take out a Mind Blade. It's gimps their damage output by a whole turn at early levels, that a Soulknife can do more damage by unsheathing a magical weapon to do equal, if not more damage.

There are many more reasons so, if you can explain why you're making this edit, it'll be very helpful when I make the edits to buff the class. --Alearori (talk) 19:01, 2 November 2017 (MDT)

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