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Hey, Aria, I was hoping 2 things, 1, that we would be friends, and 2, that you will remember to contact me if you ever need help or if you ever want to talk. I really liked what you did with the fluff in the chiss race, and I hope that you make more races like that. Anyway, shoot me a message if you need me or just want to chat. Flamestarter (talk) 14:48, 16 December 2019 (MST)Flamestarter

Absolutely we can be friends you've been a great help to me so far, is there a way to tag you for help?

I'll put in a tag that goes to me for you on your user page. Don't worry about that. Flamestarter (talk) 15:43, 16 December 2019 (MST)Flamestarter
Aria, I would like to talk about your chiss race. I did remove some things from the race because of the fact that the traits I removed are not exactly good for 5e DnD. Classes are the ones that give proficiencies, but races can give you advantages. I simply removed them because I did not know how you'd want to change that, either remove them completely or change them or make a class that fixes this problem or... I can undo my edit if you'd like. Just say the word. Flamestarter (talk) 07:38, 18 December 2019 (MST)Flamestarter
I think making a background would be better for one of the traits i was trying to do, i was upset at first but thought about it and decided the removal was a good idea.
No, I understand. I shouldn't have made the edit without contacting you first. I'll work on that. I officially apologize. Flamestarter (talk) 12:47, 18 December 2019 (MST)Flamestarter
No worries

Hey, Aria, I really like your user picture. Where'd you find it? Also, I was wondering if you had any projects you might need help getting started or something like that. I have literally nothing to do. Flamestarter (talk) 11:50, 22 December 2019 (MST)Flamestarter

If you wanted to make a page on Blasters for the star wars DND i would appreciate it
Those actually already kind of exist. In the Dungeon Master's Guide, there are laser weaponry, regular guns, grenades, what-have-you. I don't think there's a need for the Star Wars blaster as there are already similar weaponry. If there's anything else, I'd love to help. --Flamestarter (talk) 09:37, 24 December 2019 (MST)
I agree, i dont have DMG on hand right now, id say if you have a starwars race youd want to make then go ahead and make it, I have a 3.5e star wars book so thats how im getting some info on ships
(talk) Im gonna be making more races, and have decided to add my own blasters, and two types of weapons for star wars. if you want to help let me know, I would like your help filling out the star wars races like the rest, i get info from wikipedia--AriaVehemente (talk) 00:02, 22 January 2020 (MST)
Ok, I'd suggest not making personality traits for your Fusilier race and base your Star Wars weapons on the existing DnD laser weaponry. They have several weapons from the franchise they didn't make into the official DnD, and a few they haven't made into homebrew. If it was me, I would leave the weapons alone and just go with the traits, like with my Wookie race. Also, make sure that your race doesn't already exist on here. That's all for now, but if you need any help, you know where to find me. Hugs! --Flamestarter (talk) 12:14, 22 January 2020 (MST)
I recently got this so im using it to make some of the star wars stuff.
I can't see the picture, but I'll help you in any way you need. Just gimme a shout, kay? --Flamestarter (talk) 15:30, 23 January 2020 (MST)

Hey, Aria. I'm bored. Please tell me you have something for me to help with. If not, I'll find something to do. --Flamestarter (talk) 10:36, 14 February 2020 (MST)

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Please don't link to content external sites here.--Yanied (talk) 07:58, 17 December 2019 (MST)

To reiterate, per our Behavioral Policy, links to conflicting interest or competing sites, including dndbeyond, are prohibited. The world needs bullies. Remember to thank a bully today! (talk) 12:55, 17 December 2019 (MST)

Sup, Aria?[edit]

Hey, Aria, how are you these days? So, I was looking through your stuff that you've made, and I noticed 2 things: you put my ewok race on your user page which is cool (do you like it?) and number 2 is that I've noticed you haven't put in some of the fluff for a few of your race pages. If you need some help, I can help you out. It would be no problem at all. --Flamestarter (talk) 08:04, 27 April 2020 (MDT)

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