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Members of this group gain their own powers as the character gains levels.

Homebrew Separate Spellcasting Prestige Classes
Name Rating1 (out of 20) Type2 Description3 Len-
Min. Level5
Beastmind Warrior NR Moderate Spellcasting Warriors who use psionic abilities to become like beasts. 5 6
Dabbler of All Kinds/Ultimate Theurge NR akin to the mystic theurge or celebremancer, but this one aims to combine all magic systems WotC has released, psionics, truename magic, shadow magic, vestige binding, essentia / chakra binding, arcane magic, divine magic, and is good at none of them 10
Electrokinecist NR <!No Description Present!> Please edit this class and add a description!
Moment Breaker 20 Moderate Psionics, Skilled In this world, time walkers find themselves presented with many different paths to choose, the path of the tempMoment breaker is one such path. 10 6
Polarity Paragon NR Melee Fighter, Melee Trickster Polarity Paragon is able to control polarity of metals, tricking their unsuspecting opponents, and winning the battle. 15 5
Psionic Conduit NR An attempted replacement/fix for the Metamind SRD class 5 5
Psychic Gladius NR Combat Focused A very focused Mindblade Class 5 7
Psychic Predator NR ,,, Psychic Predators are manifesters who have, by blood inheritance, begun a steady alteration into a ferocious psionic beast, blurring the lines of mental might and feral combat. Powerful in the physical and psychic sense, Psychic Predators favor claw and fang above all else, but are equally capable of concealing their primal manifesting by appearing outwardly normal for their race. Exceptionally durable and resilient, these individuals have no particular chink in their armor for their prey (and those who hunt hunters) to exploit easily. 6 6
Psynergist NR Moderate Psionics Martial artist who blends his Ki and Psychic potential into a singular destructive force greater than the sum of its parts. 10 6
Tactical Opportunist NR Moderate Spellcasting, Moderate Manifesting, Combat Focused, Skilled Grants bonuses from various tactics. 10
Team-Killing F*cktard NR Bad Guy, Combat-Focused The most hated of all warriors; the kind that kills their own teammates and are too stupid to do anything about it. 3 5th
  1. Shows the rating other users have given the PrC out of 20. Unrated PrCs are labeled "NR" and not fully rated PrCs are labeled "NFR". The rating is from the actual PrC's page; it is not made on this page. Follow the following link to learn more: Rating System.
  2. A general category the PrC fits into. e.g. Strong Spellcasting, Combat Focused, etc.
  3. A concise description of the PrC, should advertise the PrC.
  4. The length is the amount of levels the PrC is made for. e.g. 10, 5, 3.
  5. The minimum number of levels possible to meet the PrCs requirements.
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