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Hello there!

I'm websurfer1111.
I'm not necessary an very active User, but from time to time I show up for changes.
As long as I don't need help, it is unlikely that I will start talking to anyone, since I don't know anyone good enough.
Not the best way to make contacts...

My first contact with D&D was the 5th edition.
I'm not touching anything on that isn't 5e, since it is the only edition I know at least something about.

I might maybe find something abandoned and take spontaneously over it, if the overall idea is good or interesting.
I will need help when it comes to balancing;
and grammar, because my nativ language is german and I suck at game balancing.

I also like to correct minor grammar mistakes I'm sure about.
I'm also likely to add some ideas to creations I stumble across, if I can think of something.


Stuff I created (+ help from others):

Abandoned creations I took over (+ help from others):

Stuff I was involved in its development in any form:
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