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Obake: Pronounced Oh-bock or Oh-bake

D&D is an awesome game. I'm a bit of an odd character, really. Those even numbers, they just creep me out. Like soda. Like soda-pagoda retro fitted 3-d glasses.

What is Obake's purpose?[edit]

Simple. My favorite thing to add to this site is 4e homebrew ideas (rather than 5e workbrew ideas, or 6e school ideas. Don't get me started on 12e jurydutybrew ideas, either.) I have also played 3.5e before, too, but it has been so long that I have forgotten most of its rules. I also sometimes edit the grammar and spelling of pages, just to make things easier to read and more comprehensive.

Campaign History[edit]

The characters I play tend to fall into some tensely strange categories. First off, when I was playing 3.5e, I got to play as an elf rogue. The weird part was his backstory: he was transformed into a snowman by an ultra-powerful sorcerer. This led to some interesting times in the campaign, since being a snowman means things like fire and heat will deal a lot more damage to you, and can even cause you to melt. If I'm recalling correctly, our party would also sometimes implement my character's carrot nose as rations, and even once as a weapon.

Along with the snowman, I got to control another character in that campaign: a cat who used a cat-o-nine-tails (a type of whip). He was only 3-4 ft. tall, yet was the groups fighter. Strangely enough, by the time the campaign ended, the cat had more hit points than anyone else in the entire party. It gets even weirder when you know that he started out with a lot less hit points than anyone else in the party, too.

Ever since I began playing 4e, the characters I've played have become a quite a bit less strange. One of them is an elf druid, another is a half-orc barbarian, and the other two are both Kitsune. Admittedly, the kitsunes are pretty odd characters, not necessarily becuase of their race or class, but becuase of the personalities I have given them. I like to really play up the personalities of my characters; I even use different voices when I'm speaking as them.

Currently Working On[edit]

  • Coming up with a suitable feat for the Kitsune.
  • Designing doom wads.
  • Doing a part-time service mission for the LDS church.

Goal and Themes[edit]

I have worked hard to make sure my contributions to this wiki have an extra good dose of flavor to them. With this flavor comes themes, such as the Tsuku-Master class, which is based almost entirely upon Japanese mythology, as is the Kitsune race.

However, I have also added quite a bit of my own mythology and ideas to them, too. Of all of the tsuku-masters powers, my two favorites (and probably the two most unique) are Murder by Kasa-Obake and Tearjerker by Binbogami. Sure, they are strange, but that is what I like most about them.

Overall, the main goals I have when adding any creation to this wiki is to give readers something that is playable and interesting. I also work hard to make sure everything I add is balanced. I hope you find the things I've added to this wiki both useful and enjoyable, and remember, if you have any questions about them, please feel free to talk about it on the discussion pages. Not the yellow pages, mind you; I hardly use phone books anymore, so if you put a question there, it's likely I won't ever see it.


Pages I have created for this wiki:

And many more to come!

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