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Tearjerker by Binbogami Tsuku-Master Attack 27
You summon three spirits, Binbogami (the overall spirit of poverty), along with Binbogami's son and daughter, Ignorance and Want, all who are so pitiful and sad looking that they cause an enemy a tremendous dose of grief. Probably the Tsuku-Master's most bizarre power. (Credit for the characters Ignorance and Want goes to the famous author Charles Dickens, from his book "A Christmas Carol".)
Encounter Star.gif Divine, Implement, Charm
Standard Action Ranged 10
Attack: Intelligence or Charisma Vs. Will
Hit: 4d6 + Intelligence or Charisma modifier damage, and the target begins to cry uncontollably (save ends.) While the target is crying, it loses line of sight to all creatures, is slowed, and must end its turn adjacent to you or one of your allies or else take extra damage equal to 2 + your Intelligence or Charisma modifier.
Special: When you use this power, choose either Intelligence or Charisma as the ability you use to determine the attack and damage rolls of this attack.

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