Murder by Kasa-Obake (4e Power)

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Murder by Kasa-Obake Tsuku-Master Attack 15
Not only has your enemy been transformed into an umbrella, you also wield them as a weapon!
Daily Star.gif Divine, Implement, Psychic, Polymorph, Lightning
Standard Action Melee touch
Target: One creature
Attack: Intelligence Vs. Will
Hit: 2d8 + Intelligence modifier damage, and the target is transformed into a metallic kasa-obake (umbrella spirit), is shrunken down to the same size and weight as a weapon you can wield, and is then teleported into your hands. The target cannot take any actions or use any abilities while in this form. During your next turn, you can use the transformed target as a melee weapon, using basic melee attacks vs AC (with Intelligence in place of Strength if you want), up to 3 times in one turn and against up to 3 targets. Each time the original target (the one turned into a metal umbrella) is swung this way, it takes psychic damage equal to your Intelligence modifier. The original target cannot take damage from other sources besides this while it is in the metal umbrella form. Each time one of the secondary targets is hit with the umbrella, they take 1d8 + your Intelligence modifier psychic and lightning damage, and are slowed (save ends). At the end of this turn, the original target is automatically teleported to the nearest empty square and regains back its normal size and stats.
Miss: The target is transformed into a mock version of a kasa-obake (paper umbrella spirit) until the end of your next turn. In this form, the target gets a -1 to speed, a -1 to AC and all other defenses, cannot make any attacks, and is shrunk to Tiny size. All of the targets other stats stay the same while in this form.

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