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My Administration Schedule[edit]


I have discovered that, if I am to be effective as an admin, I need to actively organize and focus my time. I can't just work on the DMing guide 24/7. Note that all of this is only a schedule of my spare time. If I do not have free time on a day, my activity gets pushed to the next week.

2018 To-do[edit]

  • Complete FA technical upgrade.
  • Automate admin request process.
  • Complete tripartation of DM Guide.
  • Create placeholder design guides in all content categories.
  • Begin content guides for 3rd and 2nd editions.
  • Promote long-term active users through sysop recruiting scheme.
  • Standardize content organization (not presentation) across editions.
  • Open 1st edition for homebrew.
  • Open original and basic editions for homebrew.
  • Create organizational framework to separate AD&D product line (1st-5th edition D&D) from BD&D product line, (OD&D-Cyclopedia).
  • Create a section for wikians to share DIY D&D stuff, like a page on DM Screen creation methods, or pages about prop-making. Move all of the maps content into that namespace.
  • Resume relentless cross-community promotion of this wiki as a recruiting program to expand sysop resource pool.
  • Create THE PORTAL, a community news aggregating website which collects recent activity from the top 25 most active and public online D&D communities-- including us.
  • Rope some more folks into managing the Facebook page. We need some actual Facebook activity to get our fans pumped about being involved with this project, and I just don't have the focus needed to pull that off. I can queue heaps of scheduled activity, but that's about the extent of my charisma-power.
  • Get the .org and .com boys back together again in a healthy relationship. Fact is, The two wikis ARE competitors, regardless how effective they perceive the opponent's efforts. As it stands, the .org/.com divide isnt just a split between major personalities, but actually a major split in the collaborative homebrewing philosophy for the entire online community. This is bad, because both communities are fucking awesome. I'm not proposing a merger, just a fucking stand-down so we can happily cross-wiki link.
  • Hire a lawyer to explain copyright, fair use, trademarks, the DMs Guild trademark license, and the GNU, in a video for new users for the help portal.



  • Work on 1 personal project for at least 1 hour, and at most 3 hours.
  • Review Discussions
  • Dungeon Mastering Guide: Split it into 3 pages for usability. Currently, it contains advice for all levels of experience, all jumbled together. Very user-unfriendly. There should be an Introductory DMing page, a Basic DMing page, and an Advanced DMing page.
  • Afterlife: God damn it, their description of the astral plane smashes the concept of using NDEs. The etherial plane works fine for describing OoBEs, but then what the he'll happens after that?? Your soul travels through the astral plane... but for some reason, you don't see it! Instead you do the light tunnel. Why??
  • Class Design Guide: Needs to be switched over to the template walk through format. Needs precedent establishment.
  • Help Portal Revision:
    • Do something about the tables guide.
    • Review all remaining help for glaring deficiencies or errors.


  • Patrol E-Zine
  • Make some contribution to the zine, either make something for it, nominate something to it, or review something from it.
Suggest adding a standard format to the design pages.


  • Patrol 5e Races
  • Review at least 1 race
Review Amazonian
Remove Stick Men needs review template. It has been reviewed and its creator has gone inactive.
Review stubs for incorrect template use
Replace incomplete stubs with WIP
Seek and destroy (flag) all potentially OP concepts. (Vampire-anything, half-anything, dragon-anything, demon-anything)


  • Cary out Helper responsibilities
  • Patrol 5e Rules
  • Review at least 1 rule


Left off at I


Left off nowhere, had no time.
Continue work on Race Design Guide to be started near the beginning of next week, focusing on the variant and rub race sections.
Do another test run of that yokai race.
Deal with Salachinoid.
Monitor revision of Half-Dryad.


Complete FA upgrade.
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