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What's happenin'? Name's Matt, aka Hanzo187, my handle for every site I sign up on (makes it easy to remember my login name, you know?). I loved playing D&D when I was a kid (I used to do 2nd Edition with my brother, lots of Mystara and Hollow World), then I got back into it in May '07. I have an unhealthy obsession for the ninja and love making ninja classes.

More will be added as time goes along. I only ask you get my permission before you think about editing my materials. I typically don't touch other people's stuff. Make suggestions, yes, but I ask that no one touches my stuff unless I say it's okay.

Current Contributions[edit]

5e Materials
Eberron Goblin (5e Race)
Lionfolk (5e Race)
Ratfolk (5e Race)
Rabbitfolk (5e Race)
Tigerfolk (5e Race)
Wolffolk (5e Race)
Ninja (5e Archetype)

3.5 Classes
Sublime Ninja (A class using ToB and my own ideas of the Ninja)
Reworked Ninja (A remake of the CA ninja, made to be more flexible, and just, well, better)
Sublime Samurai (A martial adept drawing on history and a desire to better the crappy CW samurai)

4E Classes
Ninja for 4th Edition (A ninja I've made for 4e. If you want the whole thing, it's on Scribd)

3.5 Races
Ani-Men (contains 8 humanoid races w/ animalistic traits)

3.5 Feats
Clear Focus
Improved Razor Bite
Lion Heart
Lion's Roar
Lucky Skill
Master of Shapes
Razor Bite
Sensitive Hearing
Ultrasensitive Hearing

4E Races
Lion-Man (Strong and charasmatic)
Monkey-Man (Wise, friendly, connected to the divine)
Rabbit-Man (Witty, lucky, good talkers)
Rat-Man (Stealthy, quick, at home in darkness)
Serpent-Man (Slithery, poisonous, literally and figuratively)
Shark-Man (Aquatic, boastful, strong)
Tiger-Man (nature-loving, agile, strong)
Wolf-Man (Wise, perceptive, insightful)

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