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The Ani-Men[edit]


The product of the experiments of demons and mad warlocks, the ani-men are hybrids of humans and the animals they were joined with. Unlike lycans, they do not change into animals, but depending on one’s point of view, they are, and are not, animals. They are considered a confusing race to document because they are several different types of ani-men, and they have much in common with both humans and the animal they have become a part of. Their population has risen since their inception, and some have found a place in society, while others have found their place in the wild.

History (If using Eberron)[edit]

Victims of mad members of House Cannith, the ani-men were the by-product of experiments done using the devices that would later become the creation forges from which the warforged emerged. Done as a way of combining human intelligence with sharpened animalistic abilities, most ani-men were volunteers, doing so either out of patriotism or power, but when they walked out, they were horrified by what they had become. Nevertheless, many obtained heightened abilities, at the price of alienation, but they were nonetheless a benefit to the Last War. Now, with the Last War over, the ani-men, like the warforged, try to find a place in society.


The ani-men, with their different characteristics, have varying personalities. Some, such as the serpent-men and rat-men are slippery and suspicious, while folks like the lion-men are honorable and willing to die for a cause. Most ani-men, in essence, carry more self-aware versions of their animalistic personalities, such as the wolf-man’s strong ties to their families.

Physical Description[edit]

Ani-men have varied heights and weights, but rabbit-men tend to be the most slender and small, while lion-men are big and hardy. Female ani-men, called ani-women, have some differences physically with their male counter parts. As with their build, different ani-men age at different rates, with life spans ranging from 120 to 400 years.


Since ani-men have some human in them (just how much is never known), they have good relations with that race. Ani-men with long life spans sometimes create lasting friendships with dwarves, though they do not have the highest regard for the dwarves’ slow process of friendship. Ani-men in Eberron have very strong ties to the warforged, seeing them as fellow survivors trying to find their place in a harsh world, even if that world has accepted them.


Alignment largely depends on what animal the ani-man has bonded with. Rat-men and tiger-men tend towards chaos, while wolf-men and lion-men are usually lawful. An ani-man is just as likely to be good as evil, but the majority of rat-men are neutral, while lion-men are often good.


The ani-men have no lands to call their own. One usually finds an ani-man in an area of a city corresponding to his habitat. Rat-men often skulk the underworld, and rabbit-men frequent the game houses. Tiger-men hate cities, preferring the unpredictability of the wild.


Ani-men are not partial towards any deity. If they do go towards one, it is because of a class obligation or wishing luck to oneself. Lion-men, however, sometimes worship Pelor or St. Cuthbert. Rat-men are partial to Olidammara.


All ani-men speak Common, with certain others speaking a second language, and they have a healthy number of additional languages they can learn as they reach adulthood. Contrary to popular belief, most ani-men are fairly intelligent, with even the occasional shark-man picking up a second language.


Ani-men take human names.

Ani-Men Race List[edit]









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