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Ani-Sense [Racial]

An ani-man can use his developed senses to unlock his latent animalistic nature and gain a greater clarity of his surroundings.
Prerequisite: Any Ani-Man, Base Attack Bonus +6
Benefit: You may gain a special ability once per day as a free action depending on your race. This ability lasts for one round per Hit Die.

Lion-Man: You gain darkvision 60'.

Monkey-Man: You gain a climb speed of 20'.

Rabbit-Man: You get a +10' boost to your base land speed.

Rat-Man: If you have concealment, you gain total concealment instead.

Serpent-Man: You gain tremorsense out to 30'.

Shark-Man: You gain blindsense 30' while underwater.

Tiger-Man: You gain the scent ability.

Wolf-Man: You can see invisible creatures as if under the effect of a see invisibility spell.

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