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Notes for ideas, creations, characters, etc.[edit]

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Newest Idea[edit]

Kelsian Feradani a hedge wizard with a gift for creating simple prosthetics for wounded people. His items are created using the toymaker feat and while they are incapable of returning sight, sound, or feeling to a person - they can help them look undamaged.

Bone Wood[edit]

  • Site of a massive battle between many nations (all races)
  • Once a plain, now a forest
  • Trees have skeletons in the branches and the wood has grown around bones
  • The deeper into the woods you go the more bone filled it is until you reach the heart which is all bone.
  • Bone Wood Druids - Necro druids seeking to expand the Bone Wood

Campaign World[edit]

Crusader campaign: In a world where a demonic army and their undead allies have driven the survivors of a continent wide war across the sea to a new land, the Gods have demanded a crusade to take back the peoples former homes. Religious leaders from every culture have joined forces in an unprecedented show of solidarity to lead the crusade. Crescent Island is now the home to this invasion force, but the island itself is not tamed yet. Adventurers have been called on to run missions through the island and even more dangerous assignments on the mainland.

Cave of the Dead[edit]

This enormous cave consists of miles of passageways filled with skeletons. Used from ancient times as a burial chamber, this cave system continued its use as a resting place for the bones of the dead through several centuries. Skeletons from many nations and eras fill this morbid place to the brim. Dead from wars, disease, famine, disasters, and more peaceful deaths have all been interred here. In the center of the cave system is a grand chamber filled with ancient bones and in the center is the Gem of Palexan. This gem, an enormous blood red ruby, is enchanted in such a manner as to prevent necromantic magic from raising the dead or even simply creating the walking dead.

Plot, the Gem has been stolen. Skeletons have been unleashed. Hilarity ensues...


Silk Spider (spider made of bits of string)

Decrepit Tower[edit]

Encounters: SRD:Brown Bear, SRD:Huge Monstrous Spider, SRD:Giant Ant, SRD:Giant Wasp

Islands of Ash and Flame[edit]

An idyllic chain of islands covered in cemetaries tended by undead devotees to the gods of death.

Magic Items[edit]

Mephit Mulch[edit]

Idea seed: Insane elementalist taking the 'essence of mephit' and turning it into a potion. The insane elementalist is testing the potion on the unsuspecting populace with deadly results - spontaneous human combustion, people going insane and attacking friends and lovers with magma, fire, ice, etc.

Places Format[edit]

  • Country Name
City Description
City 2 Desciption
Places of Interest
Feature Description
Feature 2 Desciption
Dungeon Description
Dungeon 2 Desciption


Karvik Putting up for the above prc

Prestige Classes[edit]

Tree Tender: Druid base Speed Growth and Healing.

Supply Raider: Stealth based, urban.

Rairbourne Township[edit]

Shops in Rairbourne[edit]

  • Gavarum Smithy: Though Dwarven owned and operated, the Gavarum family of smiths is always willing to help teach non-dwarves smithing, weaponcrafting, and armorcrafting. Run by Dekk Gavarum Fighter/Expert/Artist 3/12/3
  • Dwarven Daughters Jewelry: Danya and Gelda Gavarum opened this store to fulfill their dreams of working with precious stones. Famous far and wide for both the beauty and complexity of their work. Danya Gavarum Expert (Jeweler) 6 and Gelda Gavarum Expert (Gemcutter) 6.
  • Thrown Apple Tavern: Named from an incident in a battle with a local orc tribe soon after the town was founded, this large Tavern is very popular with all the locals. Owner: Alariel Fig (Female Elf) Sorcerer/Expert (Brewer) 6/10
  • Apple Grove Brewery: Also owned by Alariel Fig, brews a wide variety of ciders and beers owns massive amounts of orchards in the local area.

Random Lists[edit]

Wizard/Sorcerer Spell List - All SRD and Homebrew Spells

Wizard/Sorcerer and Bard 0 Level Spell List - All SRD and Homebrew Spells

All Feats list User:Calidore Chase/Featslist

User:Calidore Chase/Groupings

River Gypsy[edit]

  • Need to finish this!

Single Level Prestige Classes[edit]

  • Educated Prereqs: 1st Level, access to a school, Int 13+.
Att +0, Fort +0, Ref + 0, Will +2, Special: Insightful, Spells Known: 5 0-level, Spells per day: 3
Skill Points: (8 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Class Skills: More to come...
Insightful: A number of times per day equal to your character level you may add your intelligence modifier to any skill check in addition to whatever ability score bonus normally applies to that skill.
Spells: Knows 5 0-level spells from the Sor/Wiz spell list and may cast 3 spells per day. Spells are gained exactly as a Wizard does. Most spellbooks are small, unremarkable affairs.
Description: You attended a state run school in the country of Dalvinia and excelled in your courses of study. This education has prepared you in numerous ways for the outside world. Heck, you even managed to pass elementary magic use.
    • Scholar
      • Sage
  • Explorers Guild Member

Villains for adventure[edit]


Name: ???, Class: 8th Wizard/2nd Rogue, Familiar: Ashrat
  1. 1 Minion: Fire Mephit 4th Rogue
  2. 2 Minion: Bugbear Shaman 3rd Druid
Grunts: Bloody Bones Bugbear Tribe
Grunts: Goblin Tribe
Grunts: Skeleton Army
Grunts: Mephit Thieves Guild

Goals: Immortality through elemental magic, Power minion subjugation, expansion of the Bone wood

Adventure Sites

Dwarven Outpost
Bone Wood


Mephit Mulch Mayhem
Bonewood Expansion plot
Mephit Thefts
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