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Weight: 140 metric tons
Speed: 625ft. (84 mph) flying.
Carrying Capacity: 280 metric tons.

The Covenant's largest airborne deployment platform, the Lich boasts heavy armament and is capable of mass deployments of up to forty soldiers. Because of this, UNSC encounters with Liches have almost always resulted in total destruction of the UNSC ground forces, resulting in a lack of available information on the craft. Like smaller Covenant dropships, the Lich is spaceworthy. It is also capable of traveling through slipspace, though presumably it cannot do so under its own power. It contains a spacious interior with two floors. It is 337x167x114 feet in size.

Size: Gargantuan
AC: 15
Hit Points: 500 (damage trehshold 20)
Crew and Passengers: 1 pilot; 3 gunners; 36 passengers.

Class-2 Plasma Cannon: Ranged Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, range 500/1,000ft., one target. Hit: 12 (4d6) lightning damage. This weapon draws from the vehicles main battery, and would require weeks of continuous fire to deplete. Three of these weapons are on the vehicle, each requiring a different operator.

A Lich.

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