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Thestlian Mageocracy[edit]

The Thestlian Mageocracy has a rich history in Renar. The High Mage leaders have held power for a long time through restricting the teaching of magic to common folk.


The Thestlian Mageocracy is theoretically ruled by the most powerful wizard in the empire. The most powerful wizard is said to be a god-king with powers surpassing the other gods. These wizards have always been male. When they die, it is said that they go into the realms of deities and replace one of the existing gods. The great god-king, Arthur, for example, is said to have gone into the realm of the sun and made Pelor his avatar, becoming Pelor himself.

The next god-king would be chosen by use of an artifact known as the Discere Arcana. The artifact was a scepter that would fly to the most powerful wizard in the land the moment the god-king died. The owner of the Discere Arcana was considered the next god-king. Being powerful magicians however, they often ruled for over a hundred years by extending their life with magic.

At some point in history, commonly associated with god-king Hextor (his name in life is unknown), the Discere Arcana was replaced with a false version. The false Discere Arcana flew directly to Hextor's son Hextor II (who ended up replacing his father as Hextor as a god).

After that point, the fake Discere Arcana ensured that Hextor's heirs received the Discere Arcana.

The population was unaware of the foul play going on until the great wizard Vecna defeated the king Maxwell in a magic duel. Maxwell being defeated by another wizard was proven to be an inferior mage. The Discere Arcana went to Maxwell's sons, which Vecna slaughtered one by one. After killing every male that stemmed from Hextor's lineage, Vecna became the god-king of the Thestlian Mageocracy and the fake Discere Arcana was destroyed.

Vecna was a horrible wizard, but came at the right time to rule for Thestla. For the past six years, there had been starvation and poverty across the land. The people were desperate and trusted his rule even when he raised an undead army and declared war on nearby nations. He used the people's racism toward half-breed races to fuel a propaganda engine (powered with many magic spells) to gain support on his crusade. Quickly the small country became a massive empire.

Eventually Vecna was betrayed by his lieutenant Kas and had his eye removed and hand cut off. His undead armies were defeated, and the half-breed races were able to live without fear once more.

The Thestlian Mageocracy gained large amounts of land and ruled at least half of Renar at this point. Leadership went to a republic until after a few months from Vecna's defeat, a wizard emerged having found the true Discere Arcana. This began the true rule of the Theslian Mageocracy empire. At this point the High Mage was no long considered a god, but was still respected as a powerful ruler and a strong intellectual.

Eventually after many conflicts with the Lothadian Empire and spreading themselves thin with the inhabitation of Sapparizan, the Thestlian Mageocracy lost most of their land and now only controls a small section of Renar.


The Thestlian Mageocracy is ruled by a High Mage. The High Mage has multiple advisors known as Archmages who control each province.

Most of the population is becoming middle-classed (75%), a smaller portion low-classed (13%), and the smallest portion in nobility and usually those with arcane magic (2%). With the larger middle-class population many thinkers are changing the view on the world the the people hold and the respect for the High Mage is dwindling.


What is going on currently with the Thestlian Mageocracy is much like the French Revolution [1]. I intend to expand on that idea at some point with the background of the empire. A definitely interesting thing to do is have the Reign of Terror [2] happen when the PCs are adventuring. Guillotine for everyone!

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