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Discere Arcana[edit]

The Discere Arcana is an ancient artifact crafted by the first god-king of the Thestlian Mageocracy. It is a scepter made of what looks to be pure ice, but it is said it is not cool to the touch. At all times, however, it radiates a blue glow that becomes extremely bright when the High Mage casts any spells. It remains within 5 feet of the High Mage at all times by levitating to follow the mage if he does not carry it.

When the current High Mage of the mageocracy dies, the Discere Arcana levitates six feet from the ground and then flies to the most powerful arcane spellcaster in the mageocracy. It moves at a speed of 300 ft. per round, and will avoid obstacles if it can. If it is trapped, it will attempt to turn itself ethereal to pass barriers. If it cannot do this, it will attempt to travel through either the astral plane or the shadow plane in order to find the new High Mage. If none of these options are possible, it will cast Maximized Disintegrate spells (CL 30) at the barriers until it is free.

Besides granting the wielder rulership of the Thestlian Mageocracy, the Discere Arcana empowers the High Mage. It has the following effects:

  • The High Mage immediately gains 2 levels in an arcane spellcasting class when he is chosen by the Discere Arcana.
  • The High Mage gains a bonus Epic feat even if he does not meet the prerequisites.
  • The High Mage may count any caster level checks as if he rolled at least a 10, but he may roll to see if he got a higher number.
  • The High Mage cannot be resurrected without a True Resurrection spell, and it can only happen after the Discere Arcana has found a new High Mage. His spell power is absorbed by the Discere Arcana on death. If he is resurrected, he comes back with 4 levels permanently lost and he will have forgotten many details of his life as a ruler. He will also look strikingly different, since his physical appearance was tied to the ruler created by the Discere Arcana and was taken by it on his death.

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