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You need to write out fully what you mean by "expertise". It's the name of a class feature, not the mechanic itself. Marasmusine (talk) 14:09, 19 March 2017 (UTC)

I found this page through SirSprinkles's Talk page, and did some grammar works that I thought it deserved. Here are, however, some comments I'd like to make:

  • Yin and Yang. Note that the best bonus you can gain from a magical weapon is +3 - see weapon, +1, +2, or +3 for reference. Besides, monks get their unarmed strikes treated as magical at 6th level, so "magic damage" is unnecessary, not to mention unclear (there is no "magic-type damage" in D&D.)
  • Body and Soul. Tweaking with short rest and long rest duration is highly dicouraged, if not downright forbidden. See 5e Guideline: Class Do's and Don'ts for reference. Note that while elves do get the Trance feature, they still need 8 hours to take a long rest (they can just meditate for 4 hours and do something else for the remaining hours).
  • Divine Body. See monk's 9th-level feature - you already can walk on water and walls by now.
  • Perfect Body. The wording is kinda confusing, since when you say "aura" you usually make some features that benefit you and other creatures as well (see paladin's Aura of Courage feature for reference). The bonus may need some reviews, but unfortunately I can't do that for now.
  • NOTE. So Path of Yin and Yang tradition uses a new ki regeneration system? "You regain all spent ki when you finish a long rest" is a better wording than "you need to take at least 6 hours of meditation to regain all spent ki".

Well, that's it for now. --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 05:39, 4 April 2017 (UTC)

Hi Thanks for additing it a bit i like waht you did since my english is not the best i can not word most of the things right how i mean it. I have only a few problems 1. The ki aura that you can aktivate at your hands and feats i think they should last a little bit longer. 2. can you maybe change the writing of the divine body so that you uses 1 ki point to aktivate the Spell Spider climbe and waterwalk. and the last problem i have with Body and Soul i tryed to make the same trance as an elf cause he mastered his body and now only needs to meditate 4 Hours casue it would fit with the Ki regaining (if its possible and not too op) and if its not possible can you make that if he is meditating taht he regains hit points ? what do you think ?

Always glad to be of help. So about your questions:

  • "The ki aura is activated at hands and feet, so it should be longer." Hmm, maybe I can fix that, although I have to remind you that having bonus higher than +3 is too risky. Plus, maintaining a bonus for even a short period is somewhat risky, because you really don't get that much chance at all at 5th edition. I can make it last until the start of your next turn, perhaps.
Waaaait. It already lasts until the start of your next turn. I'm sorry, I think anything beyond this would be too powerful.
  • "Change the Body and Sould feature as 'spend 1 ki to have spider climb and water walk spell on yourself'." But then, why would you even need that? I mean, you gain this feature at 11th level, and you really want to read the monk's 9th-level feature that explicitly states that "you gain the ability to move along vertical surfaces and across liquids on your turn without falling during the move." I can do that, too, but you really should reconsider another options for that, because the feature you're looking for is already available for all monks.
  • "Attempt at adding elves' Trance feature. Perhaps regaining hit points?" Then what about elven monks? They already have Trance feature, so they're wasting about half a feature at 6th level. Regaining hit points, however, is something I can fix, but it will take a different shape. I'm thinking of regaining a bit of hit points when finishing a short rest, once per long rest.

Hmm, I'll work on wordings, but I want to make it absolutely sure that I cannot guarantee perfect balancing with this part. I'm just doing what I can from your words, and others may have some comments regarding balance.

Oh, and I'm moving this page to "Way of Yin and Yang", because "Path" is for barbarians. Not a great deal, I know, but in order to avoid confusions. --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 15:01, 8 April 2017 (UTC)

Ahhhh just saw that with lvl 9 totally missed it ehm what do you think about if i change it to Blur and Grease ? an dthat i maybe add Haste ? and haste kost 1 more ki ? tell me what you think

Hmm, I think blur would suffice, grease would be awkward (as in: Do you cast that spell centered at yourself when you start moving? If then, how long does it last? And you're not affected by it?) and haste would be too much. I'll fix it that way. Aaaand that would be the last stuff I can help you with this archetype. Nice knowing you, as well as this rather nice archetype you made.
Plus, I'm adding the requestreview template so others can find and make comments on this archetype. I'm not the best around here, you see, and when it comes to review, I'm very sure that others would do better than myself.
Oh, and just asking: Do you happen to speak English as a second (or third) language? English is not my first language, you see, and it's always nice to meet someone in a same type of shoes. --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 12:27, 9 April 2017 (UTC)

Well Thanks for all the help i have an last question since the lvl 17 ability is kinda strong i think to add an exhaustion level maybe :/ after the use waht do you think. Btw i am testing this archetype in one of my games so we will find out how it works what to change and stuff. i do that will al the stuff i add to know how it works. yeah i learned english as an secound language im from germany :D Thanks again for all your helps

Easy fixes to balance Perfect Body[edit]

A +3 bonus to AC AND +2 bonus to attack AND it lasts for 15 minutes is really really overpowered. So there needs to be some nerfing no matter what. I recommend these options.

  • lower the duration of Perfect Body to 10min. and making it so you have to keep concentration to continue it the entire duration
  • lower the duration of Perfect Body to 5min. and the bonus to +2 AC and a +2 to attack. no concentration. no exaughstion and each extra ki point you use extends the duration by 1 min (to a maximum of 10min total)
  • keep the current duration of Perfect Body at 15min. requiring concentration and after it ends you gain 1 level of exaughstion.

Due to the kind of pressure that I would imagine this bonus wreaking on someones body this is what the first option replicates). I would imagine it either is easy to maintain for a short period of time, hard for a medium, and extremely difficult for a long period of time (this is what the third option replicates). Or your body is being infused with the Ki energy of Ying and Yang and the more Ki you use is the longer you can maintain this connection (this is what the second option replicates)

Another idea is that you can have each one of these as an option to use while in combat. rather than just one. I personally recommend the second option more than the other two but i thought I'd put them there so that you can make the decision

Also the +20 feet of movement bonus I think is good. Keep that as it is. However the NOTE at the bottom of the page is a cool concept but it's unnecessary and should be imputed later after it has been worked into better wording and balanced correctly and completely mechanically.

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