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Help the designer:

  • How would you all implement the Call of the Void? It is Currently a trait and is messing up the true ASI. It is supposed to be a kind of curse that can make the race naturally more changeling to play as well as make for some amazing role-playing.
I wouldn't. I've not supported traits that force a roleplay situation on players and I still don't. These mechanics should be variant rules in my opinion. BigShotFancyMan (talk) 22:44, 8 September 2018 (MDT)
  • If anyone has any idea how to word the traits and feats any more mechanically correct please post them one here. The purposes and wording is retrieved from the WOW data directly with as minimum variations as possible. However, I know they need to be reworded in a way to make more sense in D&D but I am at a loss on how to accomplish this.
  • If you all see any more grammatical errors point them out on here or how you believe something should be phrased and I will correct it as soon as I am able to do so.
  • Should I make the ability traits on the subrace a unique feat to that subrace to help balance out the ASI even more?
I think I'd leave things as are. BigShotFancyMan (talk) 22:44, 8 September 2018 (MDT)



ASIs-don't typically see the base race without these but fine.
Darkvision, Damage Resistance, and a forced roleplay trait leave a very vanilla race. See comments above for Call of the Void thoughts.
The subrace situation is very confusing. What do they become?
Ren'Dorei-what is spaitial rift trying to do? teleport somehow but it isn't clear. Why is there a difference in distance? 5e doesn't measure in squares.
Ren'Dinoriel-when does an encounter end? 5e avoids this term because it is vague. 1 min, 1 round, 8 hours etc. are typical durations. why is thrown on a weapon if when you throw it it will dissipate? <br? Ren'Alar-Is there an action associated with imbuing? Or when does imbuing take place? 5e also specifies the level damage increases instead of requiring players to do the math.
Ren'Felo-Same as above, is there an action to cast the spell? or when does the casting take place?
Ren'Serrar-unconventional damage combination but nothing really breaking here, except:
every trait implies these can be done at-will aka unlimited uses. Is that intended? If so there may be issue balance wise and sort of philosophy wise too. (is that the right "wise"??) Traits typically, almost always have a one time use except for when cantrips are involved.
Void Step-wording issue but sure, adv on stealth. weak compared to other feats or a +2 ASI, in my opinion.
Void Embrace-a wonky sort of thing here but it seems like you roll higher than the DC you deal extra damage for a minute. this has no limit either? Why put a DC since there is no action tied to the feat? You can essentially keep trying till you roll high enough.
Void Form-see above about "encounter", 5e avoids round counting as well, so durations that last 1 round/level or excluded in most cases. and why would I chose Void Embrace over this? both deal necrotic on all attacks except Void Form deals more damage.
Void Wyrmling-this every 5th attack mechanic isn't per se against design philosophy bluntly but I don't think it follows it either. The wyrmling attacking should be tied to an action. It has similar aspects to a cantrip.
hopefully this helps. you might get better luck getting others to review your pages if you jump around the site and contribute some. not saying it is guaranteed or its how things work, but just a thought. good luck and I am here for questions. BigShotFancyMan (talk) 00:06, 9 September 2018 (MDT)

Response to BigShotFancyMan[edit]

Firstly I would like to say thank you very much for your help! You mentioned that the Call of the Void should be changed into a Variant Rule as it essentially forces a role play element to the race. What exactly is that and how would I go about doing that? About the sub race situation... The sub races are supposed to be a sort of IRL Social status. They don't become anything aside from a Void Elf but their chosen class places them into that social class. In the design note I put the Example: Void Elf, Ren'Dorei Warlock. It is supposed to be basically you Race(void elf) your "sub race"(Ren'Dorei) then your class (warlock). Hope that maybe clarifies the idea? Yes the traits were meant to have unlimited uses as they are I guess comparable to Caltrips as you stated. They are meant to be a onetime use in combat sort of ordeal nothing to essentially break the game but as I did pull the content from WOW and remix it for D&D it wouldn't be the same if it was a onetime and gone thing. As for the issue with the Spacial Rift I don't personally know what exactly to word it but this is a video of it in use in game. . I went ahead and made as many changes as I could based on what you suggested. Regarding the Traits you had mentioned that you would choose void form over void embrace but In the same sense the Drakyn feats are used together to stack and increase damage the same idea applies here.

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