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Old Issues With This Feat[edit]

I will be outlining all the various issues this feat used to have as to explain why it was reworked.

  • Feats shouldn't have level requirements or other requirements like a spellcasting ability above X. Also, allowing pcs who belong to a certain creature type is far too broad (humanoid, undead, ect) because of all the variations between creatures that have those types. If anything, a feat could have a specific race requirement.
  • abi's should be limited to 20
  • You should not be able to upgrade something that already exists in a feat which is what upgrading resistances does and you should not be able to ever obtain immunity or better to a damage type with a feat.
  • A feat's effect should be clear and concise and saying something like "in places of great darkness or death and despair" is not clear enough and the effect should outline where exactly you gain the effects. Also, gaining advantage on a single skill check is huge and likely should just be changed to granting proficiency in the skill. Besides that, a feat should never allow you to gain advantage on saving throws as that is far too good of an effect to have on a feat.
  • The last effect which allowed you to add dice to damage you dealt was far too strong and should have had some sort of limit to its uses. In addition, feats shouldn't gain additional effects or power based on whether you have another feat or anything else(certain class, race, ect.)

Because of these issues, the feat was reworked to be more comparable to the power level of other feats.--Blobby383b (talk) 19:08, 16 December 2019 (MST)

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