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I really like the idea of this ring, good job on it. Here are some of the notes of why things were changed.

  • The rarity was changed to legendary because this item is much more powerful than other rare items(a single resistance to a damage type is a rare item while this can prevent you from getting multiple conditions)
  • Costs to end certain conditions reworked so the more debilitating conditions costs more(grappled is the condition with the least effects, but I didn't want to make the conditions cost up to 4 charges to remove them unless you want them to)
  • The amount of charges regained at dawn was made so you can't regain 0 charges at dawn(3 charges were regained on average with 2d4-2 while 3.5 charges are regained on average with 1d4+1, but you can't get screwed over and regain no charges).--Blobby383b (talk) 09:25, 16 April 2018 (MDT)
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