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Musicus Meter
Score: 5.5
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Cost Racial Trait
2 Dexterity score increases by 2.
1 Wisdom score increases by 1.
-2 Tiny
-2 Speed -20
3 Fly 30 Feet
0.5 Darkvision
-0.5 Fairy Skin
0.5 Nature's Florist
0.5 Sweet Veil
1 Honey Gather
1 Curative Pollen
0.5 Pollen Shot
5.5 Total.

Believe it or not, I had proposed the idea of making Ribombee into a race as a joke to my DM way back when I had first submitted mimikyu. I decided out of boredom and insomnia to finally give it a shot and it came out a lot better than I expected.

Nature's Florist was kind of a last minute addition. Given how the pokedex entries say it can predict the weather, and how it hates rain, I felt like I had to include something that utilized this information to some degree. One thing that stopped me at first was that fact that it would seem odd that ribombee knows two cantrips and they're both filed under different names, unlike most races that have all or most of their spells compiled in one feature.

Honey Gather was sort of difficult to figure out since I wanted it to do a bit more than give proficiency in survival, so I decided to give a boost to checks to forage since I figured bees would know where to find things like fruit or edible plants and whatnot given the fact they, you know, pollinate these things.

Curative Pollen and Pollen Shot are both references to how ribombee can use it's Pollen Puffs for food and battle. I suppose it also allows for the humorous paradox of a creature who is weak against poison damage also innately knows a poison spell. Also, curative pollen is also the name of an attack on ribombee's TCG card in the "Sun & Moon" expansion. --MetalShadowOverlord (talk) 06:31, 7 February 2019 (MST)

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