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Cool idea but needs some simple cleanup(references to other classes, marionettes, flavor, etc.) --Hades996 (talk) 13:04, 20 April 2017 (UTC)

Hello, fellow wikian! I found this class is frequently edited, there must be a lot of love in this page. However, here are some comments I'd like to share with you:

  • Class Feature Overall. Personally, I'm not a big fan of full-level spellcaster plus a decent combat ability, because it's my kind of view that both of them have good balance of strengths and weaknesses by themselves, and combining them causes an overpowered class.
It is a common practice to treat access to higher-level spell slots as a class feature by itself. In some cases where you gain a class feature and access to higher-level spells, chances are (a) it's at the low leves, about 3rd level (2nd-level spells), so the spells are not that strong; or (b) the class feature is relatively weak or mediocre to compensate the balance things out. From what I see from polymath, pretty much every level has a class feature, even at the level where you gain access to higher-level spell slots.
I see a bit too many Ability Score Improvement feature, is this intentional? In that case, I'm afraid to say that I am greatly against it, because it would be too unconventional and unbalanced. Note that the only class that gains additional Ability Score Improvement features is fighter, and that's probably because, well, a fighter is little more than a standard kinda guy and has no other way to improve oneself.
  • Dead Level. 18th level is dead, with no class feature nor higher-level spell slots. Note that warlock also has no class feature at 18th level, but it at least gains an additional invocation.
  • Spellcasting. The spellcasting feature refers to Spell Known, but there is no Spell Known column at the table.
The spell list is... pretty much a better version of cleric spell list and wizard spell list combined. A polymath can substitute both cleric and wizard, with only its spell list.
  • Unarmored Defense. Basically a better version of monk's Unarmored Defense feature. Plus, it uses Wisdom, when the spellcasting feature uses Intelligence. I sense multiple ability dependence here.
  • Fighting Style. Since Fighting Style feature is used in official works for a power-up feature for a pure combatant (i.e. fighter) and hybrid classes with a half-level spellcasting feature (i.e. paladin and ranger), I think this makes polymath too strong at lower levels.
  • Expertise. So basicaly, a polymath can fight well in combat, cast a bunch of spells like a full-level spellcaster, and excels at skills like bard and rogue? Too strong, flat.
  • Call to Arms. Actually, I find this feature not only mediocre for a class feature, but also inappropriate for a class with a good combat competence and a full-level spellcasting ability. Frankly speaking, I fail to see why would sage and spy even need this.
  • Extra Attack. Apart from the fact that I... well, now you know. And it refers to an unexplained "marionettes", where did this come from?
  • Evasion. No comments here - I think I get the picture of what a polymath is by now. It's just an overpowered, master-of-all kind of class. Unbalanced, and outshines every other classes.
  • Timeless Body. Again, no comments here. Slow aging is not a big matter, though.
  • Double Dice. This is passive bonus? As in, you always get this bonus? By 20th level, I fail to see if you would even miss a thing with absurd Ability Score Improvements and bunch of other stuffs. A strong feature, appropriate for a 20th level, but maybe too strong.
  • Polymath Archetype: Hero. "High damage output and melee combat", you say?
Bonus proficiencies makes Call to Arms feature pretty much obsolete. Besides, I don't see why would a hero!polymath even needs medium armors, when one already has Unarmored Defense feature. I don't think that a polymath would not go for lower Wisdom, when the 14th-level feature explicitly uses Wisdom.
So this archetype is basically a fighter, plus a spellcasting feature. Already too strong.
  • Polymath Archetype: Sage. Polymath is already a full-level spellcaster, why would you even need a spellcasting-oriented archetype? Besides, the features are rather... dull. I see that polymath spell list is already wide and versatile, why would you even need a spell from other classes?
  • Polymath Archetype: Spy. So it's mostly ranger and rogue, but features are not integrated efficiently and kinda makes the overall archetype a bit undecided what it wants to do.

In short: My hunch on the concept and purpose of this class is a catch-all class that can do a bit of everything, but I don't think it's executed nicely. It's practically too strong compared to other classes, especially classes from SRD and PHB. Note that bard is an official class that goes with the same concept, and it's called one of the most powerful class in current 5e environment. I guess you can find a way to keep things balanced and interesting . --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 05:33, 26 April 2017 (UTC)

re:editing talk polymath Thank you WeirdoWhoever for the feedback for this class, and as you can tell, yes i did try to go for a all-rounder class, and perhaps some of the abilities could need changing so im happy if anyone has any suggestions for any abilities the class could use.

i should also mention that their is suppose to be only four ability score improvements, their is one at level 16th that isn't suppose to be their, but won't leave after several attempts to adjust it. (strange i know) i will dumb down the spell list to a half list instead of a full one, i guess a character that can obtain wish and martial weapons is a slight overkill to say the least. and as for the abilities, im open to suggestions.

p.s if you like this class, check out the Mage Variant that i have been working on.,_Variant_(5e_Class) - cam a.k.a the-Unambitious-Bard (tumblr name)

Acid splash typo[edit]

Their is a typo for acid splash (saying acid slash) where the spell slinger ability is.

-cam aka the-unambitious-bard (tumblr handle)

Okay, I have unlocked this page for a time. Go ahead and edit it. --Green Dragon (talk) 23:16, 15 January 2019 (MST)

Basic copy editing?[edit]

Polymath seems like a good idea, and deserves to be presented well.

As is, the article may pose a particular problem for readers with a primary language other than English, as translation software tends to stumble over sloppy writing. Problems include spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

May I suggest opening the article to copy editing that does not change the content of the article, but improves readability and clarity?

Example: "Polymaths can come from all walks of life, most notably they are commonly not apart of large civilisations. they are usually hermits, acolytes of a order or faith, exiled charlatans or they just simply live a life in the wilderness."

This could read: "Polymaths rarely hail from complex civilizations. Common backgrounds include acolyte, charlatan, hermit, and outlander."

--Nosimplehiway (talk) 07:45, 18 January 2020 (MST)

Yeah, that sounds reasonable. I will make that adjustment - The Unambitious Bard

Reopen Editing?[edit]

Can someone please unlock the page for editing? I was the one editing via mobile and didn't sign in. - The Unambitious Bard

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