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In response to the needsbalance template: otterfolk gets +1 Strength, +1 Intelligence, and another +1 to either Strength or Dexterity dependant on subrace. The race might be underpowered otherwise, but like I said in my edit summary a +3 ASI follows the standard presented by almost every official race. The only thing it's lacking is a significant racial feature comparable to dragonborn's Breath Weapon, halfling's Lucky, or aarakocra's flight speed. With something like one of those it would be fine. - Guy (talk) 09:14, 18 June 2017 (UTC)

Also "small size" is not a disadvantage. Marasmusine (talk) 11:26, 18 June 2017 (UTC)

Fair enough.

--AngelsAndAarakocra (talk) 17:38, 18 June 2017 (UTC)

"Narrative duration"[edit]

First party races and creatures with the Hold Breath feature usually use time increments like 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Lizardfolk have 15 minutes, for example. - Guy (talk) 05:27, 22 June 2018 (MDT)

Ok, thanks for the information, feel free to refer the edit. —ConcealedLightChatmod.png (talk) 05:52, 22 June 2018 (MDT)
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