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Musicus Meter
Score: 4.5
This race scored 4.5 with the Musicus Meter race guidelines (score between 4 and 6 to an absolute maximum of 8). This metric may represent this page, or not. This is a guideline, not a rule, and it's important to use your own judgment alongside this scoring.
This scoring may be the groundwork for a focused {{needsbalance}} usage. A contributor to this page may request a detailed breakdown of this page's balance. Without this information, {{needsbalance}} may then be removed. This meter cannot be used to enforce needsbalance templates.
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Cost Racial Trait
1 Strength score increases by 1.
1 Intelligence score increases by 1.
1 Charisma score increases by 1.
-1 Small
-0.5 -5 feet walking speed
0.5 Darkvision
0.5 Intimidate
0.5 Naturally Deceptive
1 Sheer Force
-0.5 Steel Flesh
1 Vice Grip
4.5 Total.

Not really much to say here since most everything is kind of self explanatory. I think the one thing that will raise eyebrows is Sheer Force In the games, Sheer Force does the following: "Removes additional effects to increase move damage". Since spells often cause damage in addition to some other effect, like pushing a creature, poisoning it, etc, it seemed obvious to have this trait dedicated to spells. However, previously I was originally going to make it so that it would be used on melee attacks. For example, let's say you're using a a flaming sword. Instead of doing the extra fire damage (in case you're fighting a creature that happens to be immune to fire), you could just negate the fire damage (that wouldn't have happened anyway) and deal more slashing damage. I realized this wouldn't have worked since being able to control a weapon's damage like that doesn't make much sense.

Either way, hopefully it doesn't prove to be broken. --MetalShadowOverlord (talk) 15:27, 31 May 2018 (MDT)

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