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Sorry if i do this wrong for the discussion page but here goes.

... Kender are orginally made by the dragonlance chronicles, so i don't know where you get your information but i'm a big fan of dragonlance and if you are following how Kender are actually supposed to be not some cheap knock off by a D&D book then there are a few changes that would make things more correct... I love the idea of Kender from dragonlance chronicles, but a few points i would like to suggest... Kender do feel sexual lust on occasion, this was stated (though rarely) in a few of the books. You state that they don't care if they are mistaken for children or halflings, it varies between the Kender. Some Kender are very indignant about it. Kender are not rare as you state, it has been pointed out in many books, they are simply EVERYWHERE! As well, kender live less long than humans do, not hundreds of years longer than gnomes! Thanks, hope that helps =)

You might also want to adjust to ability score bonus. Them being uneven would normally bring about a +1 to there effective level. I'd sugguest adding a -2 to their rolled Wisdom ability score do to there curious nature and since they are immune to fear and/or lust, magical or not, this would not affect them unless they were a divine caster or for the use of certain skills. In addition I would drop their spell like abilites if one were to give them a taunt as a free action and no limits per day even though its a racial ability.--Djmclaughlinjr 05:36, 3 March 2010 (UTC)
I cut the 4e Power and pasted here, just in case. * Taunt: Kender gain 'Taunt' as a racial power as show below.
Taunt Kender Racial Power
You utter a jarring taunt, sending your enemy to a rage.
At-Will Star.gif Charm
Free Action Ranged 20
Trigger: {{{trigger}}}
Target: 1 Creature
Attack: Charisma Vs. Will
Hit: The target is shocked by your verbal skill and turns to rebuke you in a bloodthirsty rage. The target loses its dexterity bonus to armor class for one round, and turns from its previouse target to attack you.

--Djmclaughlinjr 06:15, 3 March 2010 (UTC)

Level Adjustment[edit]

This seems like all the benefits of gnome, plus other goodies. Anyone else think this deserves LA +1? --Badger 23:53, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

I think I have to agree with Badger, with that free action taunt, immunity to several things and a many +4 racial bonuses PLUS spell like abilities, one of which is a 2nd lvl spell I think that kenders should have a LA of +1 -- Krute

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