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Hi there!

Hi, my name is Badger. I have a real name too. I usually play 3.5e DnD, and have a tendency to play the trickster/scoundrel type. Most often I play a rogue, or a homebrew rogue-type. I've been contributing to this wiki since July of 2009, and as of June 2011 I am an administrator (so if you need an admin for something, leave a message on my talk page). While I don't have a lot of homemade content on the site, I do have a few things. Mostly, I stick to talk pages, clarifying sticky points and pointing out issues. I've done some little things here and there, as well as adopt or write some of my own content.

My Contributions

These are some of my contributions. Each of the below I either wrote entirely, or adopted and fixed up. I'm usually looking for another project; if you have something in mind leave me a note on my talk page. You can also leave me a note if you want help with a project of your own. I tend to work mostly with 3.5e, and I tend to avoid psionics, as I never really learned that well. However, if you need help with wikiformatting (like adding a table, or figuring out why your page is all wonky), I can help with that for any edition.

About Me

Name: Seth; Aliases include: Badger, Ferret, Marten, Tayra, Ekorus (detect a pattern?)
Current Character: Ekorus Copperfoot; Halfling Rogue/2 Jester/7
Editions played: 3.5 mostly; 3.0e, 4e, ADnD (but only enough to realize 3.5 is where I belong)
Likes: Gold, gnomes, clever plans, thinking on your feet, tricksy hobbitses
Dislikes: Bleeding, Railroads, Plot Holes, Spiders, Lawful-anything
What I do here: Answer questions, provide insight, help with formatting, Administrator things
Goals: Finish my New User Guide, and get it implemented to help out new users. I'd also very much like to bring back the tavern. If you want to bring back the tavern, leave a comment here. Admin goals include keeping the the Deletion queue to below 50 items at all times.
To Learn: I'd like to better learn both Psionics and 4th edition.

Contact Me

So you have a couple different ways to contact me. First, and downright easiest is to leave a message on my talk page Also, if for some reason I don't respond within a day or two, you can email me. Seriously though, talk page is the way to go. Also, keep an eye on my talk page, as I will respond there, rather than on your talk page.

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