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Working on a tavern launch page. I know I'm one of only two people who has expressed an interest, but I'm going ahead with this mockup anyway. This uses the free irc hosting provided by


How to Connect[edit]

Welcome to The Tavern! The Tavern is a dedicated real-time chatroom to ask for help with homebrew (using, rating, or creating), suggestions for how to play or use content on the site, or just about anything else DnD related. Check the schedule for any upcoming events in the tavern you might be interested in checking out.

To access the IRC channel you have 3 different access points:

1. Direct IRC link: If your browser supports IRC (like Opera), or if you have an IRC plugin installed for your browser you can click on irc:// to go directly to the channel. This also works for some stand-alone IRC clients that are associated with irc:// URLs in your browser. If you are using Firefox or any other Mozilla based browser, you can get the ChatZilla IRC plugin to use this method.

2. Manual: If you use a stand-alone IRC client, point your client to the information below:

port: 6667
channel: #dandwiki

3. Web-based CGI:IRC client: If neither of those worked, click here to launch the web client. It's simple, just choose a Nickname and press join. This method is not the best option by any means (and is rather ugly, to boot), but should work well enough to ask any questions you might have.


Here is where I plan to start listing rules. Feel free to add them as we feel necessary:

  1. As as general rule any wiki policy is also in effect on this irc channel.
  2. No Swearing. Not everyone is a tolerant of curse words as you might be, please respect that.
  3. No Fighting. If you've got a problem, be polite about it.
  4. Per rules, you must be 13 years old to use this live chat.
  5. Try to keep content mostly DnD related. This is, after all, a DnD channel.
  6. No user is required to use the Tavern. This means that important discussions should not take place on the Tavern, unless they are well documented somewhere on-wiki. Changes agreed upon in the tavern should still be mentioned on the relevant talk pages.
  7. Nothing said in the tavern (aside from Admin rebukes) is binding on the wiki.
  8. Naturally, an Administrator may remove you from the tavern if you violate any of the above rules, at their discretion.
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