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Hello, my name is David Mclaughlin. I've been an on/off player and DM. Simply put I love the game enough to spend hours making characters or maps for adventure use. Now D&D is not my only nitch in life. I do entertain my self and others with different games and spend time outside the house/apartment. Other then a few games, I like to spend time with my family and talk with my friends about almost anything.


Gender: M
Age: 23
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 186 lbs
Handeness: Right
Profession: Vacant (Currently Hunting)
Favorite RPG:[PC] Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor  
(Yes it's kinda old, but it was fun, difficult with an over 
all good story line and yes my Barbarian 1/2 orc was crazy strong.)


Added more then a few features and abilities to the base class Hero, Elemental Warrior and and a feat called Sliding Serpent Attack. More features and links were added so check it out if your interested and let me know what you think.

The Warforged feat I'm adding are for pure fun. I saw the W-Buster (Might be from another site/ or can't locate from crash) and had to make more. I'm also looking into shoulder mounted version like the Armor Core robots have.


Warforged: BM1-Buster cannon, IM1-Buster cannon, GM1-Buster cannon, AM00-Buster, IAM06-Buster.


Warforged: Energy Pod, Ammunition Pod, Mega Reserve Pod, Power Dash Boots, Adamantine Power Helm (3.5e Equipemnt), Power Beam Saber (3.5e Equipemnt), Blue Battle Armor (3.5e Equipemnt) & Improved Battle Armor (3.5e Equipemnt).

Armor Core Items: Rocket Propelled Gnome Explosives (3.5e Equipment), Shoulder Rocket Tube, Triple Rocket (3.5e Equipemnt), ASM Pack I (3.5e Equipemnt), ASM Pack II (3.5e Equipemnt), Flare Tube (3.5e Equipemnt), Heavy King Blaster AC&P Cannon (3.5e Equipemnt).

Armor Core Feats: Targeting System, AST System (3.5e Feat), Stabilized Stance (3.5e Feat) and Advanced Plating I (3.5e Feat).

Armor Core Term: VAW (Very Armored Warforged) are Warforged combatants that were heavly armed or armored or even both. Not many VAWF are left to recount the tales of battle and most of them would like to forget.

G.A.S.: A G.A.S.(Goblin Assualt Suit) is a meduim to large contruct that can be piolted by goblins or any relatively small creature, it was deisgned for in quick attacks. An actual figure on hieght can range from 6 to 10 ft tall and come in in around 300 to 500lbs, depending on metal used to build.

GMS: A GMS (Gnome Mobile Suit) is similar to a G.A.S., but is more durable and slightly larger and wider. The light meduim sized version stand from 6 to 7 ft tall and are at least as twice as wide as a human, or maybe as wide as a dwarf eating champion. The heavy version is almost twice as large, standing at most near 14ft tall and almost 6 to 8 ft wide. They are the main combatants that are used by Gnomes. The larger version look more humniod then the smaller ones which look more or less like a ball with arms on a pair of legs or treads.

VAV: (Human suit soon to come)

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