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Spell storing doesn't have a number of uses per day, incidentally. Atypicaloracle 05:32, 1 February 2011 (MST)

<quote> "This is too powerful and this is why - I can store something like enervation and activate it three times in a single fight for a +4 bonus. Now imagine a dual wielder doing this with two separate weapons and the person (unless they have spell resistance - even then not terribly hard) to lose 6d4 levels in a single round. This thing needs rethought." </quote>

Your reason for this balance seems a bit flawed. If you activate this to its fullest in one fight, then you wont have the ability for a whole 'nother day. Nor for anymore fights in the same day you used it. Not to mention that this spell was most likely for use by players, so the fact that it takes down a single monster's level means nothing as the only thing affected might be caster level. If this is the case then hopefully the DM is smart enough to place something incase this were to happen so that the fight wasn't an outright flop. I state this in the idea that you didn't waste the uses on little enemies and instead used it on the big boss.

So yes, in text it seems OP but in play it actually is not. It's more simply a Spell Storing with permanency and limits to use.

Now I can see it becoming broken when sticklers abuse the rule set and place more then one of these with a spell not unlike enervation in effecting a target. But that's why the DM is there to say no, screw you and everything you try to break.


I've removed the needsbalance template for now. I've also removed the sentence "Each spell level counts as a +1 bonus to the weapon." since the bonus is determined during the item's creation, but the spell is imbued afterwards. I've given it a +2 price bonus instead. Marasmusine (talk) 02:09, 25 January 2015 (MST)
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