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Musicus Meter
Score: 4.5
This race scored 4.5 with the Musicus Meter race guidelines (score between 4 and 6 to an absolute maximum of 8). This metric may represent this page, or not. This is a guideline, not a rule, and it's important to use your own judgment alongside this scoring.
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Cost Racial Trait
2 Charisma score increases by 2.
1 Constitution score increases by 1.
-1 Small
-0.5 -5 Feet Movement Speed
0.5 Darkvision
0.5 Insomnia
0.5 Frisk
1 Entangling Hair
0.5 Eerie Voice
4.5 Total.

Not a whole lot of reference with this one. The only one I really squeezed in was the one where Pumpkaboos and Gourgeists are called "trick-or-treaters". This is because "Trick-or-Treat" is heir signature move. Originally I wanted to make it into a trait, but how it works in game is it gives the pokemon it is used against the Ghost-type (meaning it can have up to 3 types if it is a dual type pokemon). I had no idea how to incorporate that into DnD terminology (although the move causing a character to turn into an aberration type did cross my mind at first...). I also planned to make each of the 4 different sizes Gourgeists are known for into their own subraces, but it didn't make sense to do that. --MetalShadowOverlord (talk) 23:49, 10 July 2019 (MDT)

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