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Two things I'd like to see changed:

  • Replace all of the tinker devices so they aren't a copy of the tinker gnome
  • Replace Mounted Combat feat with something simpler. You get three benefits from the feat (it's "worth" an Ability Score Improvement). Ideally something that works with that feat if they choose to take that option later. Marasmusine (talk) 02:00, 18 July 2015 (MDT)
Tried working stuff out for the worg rider but couldn't come up with anything good (Not enough material on mounted combat) so I just made it animal handling proficiency. Lame, I know but to give them a little more appeal I added a trait that let's them ignore difficult terrain when disengaging. Also changed the gremlins a bit to add more of a chance for them to blow themselves up. The devices are still similar to those of the gnomes but I can just say that that's the influence of being enslaved by gnomes. Anywho, if you have time tell me what you think of the balance so far. I gave the gremlins back fire resistance and the boggarts a swim speed but honestly I'm still a bit iffy about the balance between the subraces. :P --Balthazar (talk) 21:15, 11 June 2016 (MDT)

Nimble Escape[edit]

It seems too similar to the Rogue's Cunning Action which means a Goblin Rogue wouldn't get anything at Level 2. I propose replacing it with: "Nimble Dodge. When you are the target of an opportunity attack, you may use your reaction to impose disadvantage on that attack."--Ximoquim (talk) 10:29, 21 November 2015 (MST)

I will take you advice. Thanks. --Balthazar (talk) 21:15, 11 June 2016 (MDT)


I thought goblins are supposed to be (mostly) the enemy.-- 18:46, 17 February 2016 (MST)

But what if you want to play as a goblin. Marasmusine (talk) 02:45, 18 February 2016 (MST)
If I want to play a goblin(oid), I would want to play a Half-Goblin.-- 13:00, 27 February 2016 (MST)
Gobin's aren't monsters, they're just misunderstood. Except for that grubby one that poked my half-elf's eye out. He was a monster. --Balthazar (talk) 19:15, 11 June 2016 (MDT)

Arcane Intellect[edit]

Tinker Goblins are already the most loved out of the three sub races. I don't think they really need arcane intellect. If anything, Bogarts need more things. Besides that, static bonuses to skills aren't really a thing in 5e as far as I know.

I remember giving them fire resistance not arcane intellect... strange. Anyway, I've reverted that and added a bit more to bogarts as you were right, they do need a bit more love. --Balthazar (talk) 21:15, 11 June 2016 (MDT)


Is there a group called the Goblin Liberation Front? --Redrum 18:33, 25 May 2016 (MDT)

There was, but they were enslaved :( --Balthazar (talk) 19:18, 11 June 2016 (MDT)
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