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Improper Namespace[edit]

This shouldn't be in the SRD namespace or have the Prefix. --SgtLion 03:21, 16 July 2011 (MDT)

Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out. --Badger 22:54, 16 July 2011 (MDT)

You have got to be kidding me[edit]

How about making it follow the Psionic power of the same name instead of munchkinning it. Here's an attempt that just edits the Psionic description:

You and another willing, corporeal, living creature of the same or smaller size fuse into one being. As the caster, you control the actions of the fused being. However, you can give up this control to the other creature. Once you give up control, you cannot regain it unless the other creature relinquishes it.

The fused being has your current hit points plus the other creature’s current hit points. The fused being knows or has prepared any spells you or the other creature possesses (if any). Likewise, all feats, racial abilities, and class features are pooled (if both creatures have the same ability, the fused being gains it only once). For each of the six ability scores, the fused being’s score is the higher of yours and the other creature’s, and the fused being also has the higher Hit Dice or caster level—this effectively means the fused being uses the better saving throws, attack bonus, and skill modifiers of either member, and it casts spells at the higher of the caster levels that you or the other creature possessed before becoming fused.

You decide what equipment is absorbed into the fused being and what equipment remains available for use. These fused items are restored once the spell ends.

When the spell ends, the fused being separates. The other creature appears in an area adjacent to you that you determine. If separation occurs in a cramped space, the other creature is expelled through the Astral Plane, finally coming to rest materially in the nearest empty space and taking 1d6 points of damage for each 10 feet of solid material passed through.

Damage taken by the fused being is split evenly between you and the other creature when the spell ends. You do not leave the fusion with more hit points than you entered it with, unless you were damaged prior to the fusion and the fused being was subsequently healed. Ability damage and negative levels are also split between you and the other creature. (If an odd number of negative levels or ability score reductions must be split, you decide whether you or the other creature receives the additional loss.)

If a fused being is killed, it separates into its constituent creatures, both of which are also dead.

XP Cost

50 XP.

Add back the restriction that fused creatures must be the same type, change duration back to 1 min/level, and don't make Permanency applicable (if you want to do that, use Gestalt characters).

I'm not the one that made this, but can it still be a spell? I don't want to use psionics yet. I also like a decent amount of this spell. flat rate half hour fusion sounds ok to me. Permanency seems stupid on this though. Thank you for putting this since I think I'll use your advice to mix these fusions into something that makes sense for me.

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